Big Weekend for Updates to TotalPress and TP Primo

I like learning new things. I like learning new ways of doing things. I just like new period. One of my most favorite things in the world is learning how to add a new feature and getting it to work. That’s me, a guy who likes to make things work.

Keep in mind though, I do make mistakes, a lot of mistakes, some small and some fairly big – which is what happened this weekend. It was a small one or at least i think it was.

For the past couple of weeks I have been testing the new update feature for TP Primo. This is a process of where I can push out an update and if you have the plugin installed and your license key activated you would be notified of the update and then proceed to hit the update button…BAM…new version installed.

Well I thought I had the process locked down and in place and that everything was working fine. That was not the case. I know I sent out a lot of emails yesterday. I do apologize for that. While all this was happening, I had to get ready for work. Nothing like going to work and your mind is on the update that totally failed. The good news is the issue was taken care of this morning. I did have to push out another update for TP Primo, version 1.0.3, which had nothing to do with the update process, that had to do with me forgetting to change something back.

TotalPress was also updated to version 1.0.24 which was done this morning. I should have done this before pushing out the 1.0.2 update of TP Primo yesterday. Mental note made for future releases. If I release a new version of TotalPress you can rest assured that there is a new version of Primo coming right after.

I just wanted to thank everyone who got their license keys yesterday and let me know they didn’t work. I sent out new ones this morning and the update process should all be fixed now, so if you haven’t already done so check your email and activate those keys.

I also had to switch the price of TP Primo to it’s actual price of $39.95. Sadly I didn’t reach my goal of 50 lifetime accounts, but that’s OK. If you wanted one and didn’t get it, shoot me an email and we can discuss it. For those of you still on the bench about TP Primo, you will get your chance to get a great deal. This will be coming soon.

So until next time, rest assured that the update process is in place and is running smoothly now. I promise I will be a little more diligent in the future but I make no guarantees. Just kidding. Until next time,

Keep being AWESOME!

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