Change Default Footer Text

You can easily use a function to change the footer text of the TotalPress theme. All you need to add to your theme’s functions.php file is a short simple little snippet of code (as always I recommend that you use a child theme to make any modifications):

function your_copyright_function_name() {
	$childpress_year = date("Y");
    echo 'Copyright © '. $childpress_year .' - YourInfoGoesHere';

You must change your_copyright_function_name to something that is specific to you or the project.

On the next line you see echo 'Copyright © '. $childpress_year .' - YourInfoGoesHere';. Change YourInfoGoesHere with your business name or web site. Or change the information to whatever you like by replacing everything like so: echo 'replace all of this'.

Coming Soon: TP-Primo plugin will allow you to change the footer text without having to add any additional code to your theme. Just look at the footer below. This was done using TP-Primo.

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