Change Default Footer Text

You can easily use a function to change the footer text of the TotalPress theme. All you need to add to your theme’s functions.php file is a short simple little snippet of code (as always I recommend that you use a child theme to make any modifications):

function your_copyright_function_name() {
	$childpress_year = date("Y");
    echo 'Copyright © '. $childpress_year .' - YourInfoGoesHere';

You must change your_copyright_function_name to something that is specific to you or the project.

On the next line you see echo 'Copyright © '. $childpress_year .' - YourInfoGoesHere';. Change YourInfoGoesHere with your business name or web site. Or change the information to whatever you like by replacing everything like so: echo 'replace all of this'.

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