Installing and Updating TP Primo

TP Primo is not a theme, it’s a plugin.

Installing TP Primo is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Download the above .zip file and save it to your computer – don’t bother unzipping it.
2. From your Dashboard, go to “Plugins > Add New”.
3. Click Upload at the top, browse and select the .zip file you just saved from the purchase email.
4. Activate the plugin. You will then see the following at the top of your screen:

“Your copy of “TP Primo” needs to be activated to start receiving updates. Activate Now”


5. Go to Appearance > TP Primo and enter your license key. Click “Activate License”.


6. After you click “Activate” you will see the word “Active” next to the “Deactivate License” button. This means your copy of TP Primo is now active and will receive future update notifications.


When an update is available you will be notified of the update just like any other update for a plugin or theme:


And just like any other update you can click “View version xxxx details” and you will see the following screen:


Simply click “Install Update Now” and TP Primo will be updated with the latest changes.