Totalpress Hooks

TotalPress ships with 22 “hooks” built into the theme that will give developers the opportunity to add in additional functionality or content at that location where the hook was added.

TotalPress allows you to use the built in hooks in two ways:

  • Manually – via your themes function.php file (recommend using a child theme).
  • TP-Primo – Premium companion plugin (currently in production – See image below)



function your_function_name() { ?> 
    //your custom code goes here
<?php }

Manual Use

First: copy and paste the code above and place into the function.php file of your theme. I highly recommend using a child theme so as not to lose any edits you make.

Second: Give your function a specific name. Make sure it’s specific to you such as the name of the project, name of the child theme etc. Change both instances of your_function_name (in the code above) with the name you want i.e. child_theme_name_code_before_header.

Third: Change totalpress_hook_name (in the code above) to the specific theme hook you want to use i.e totalpress_before_header.

Fourth: Replace //your custom code goes here with your custom code or html.

Available Hooks

Click on any of the following hooks to find out more specific information about where they are placed: