wp_head is a standard WordPress “hook” and loads everything in the <head></head> portion of TotalPress.

Example Usage

function your_custom_function_name() { ?> 
    //your custom code goes here
<?php }

Manual Use

First: copy and paste the code above and place into the function.php file of your theme. I highly recommend using a child theme so as not to lose any edits you make.

Second: Give your function a specific name. Make sure it’s specific to you such as the name of the project, name of the child theme etc. Change both instances of your_custom_function_name (in the code above) with the name you want i.e. child_theme_wp_head_code.

Third: Replace //your custom code goes here with your custom code or html.

Coming Soon: TP-Primo plugin will allow you to add any PHP, shortcodes or HTML directly into any of the available hook areas of TotalPress