WP-Forge Quick Start Guide

WP-Forge Customizer

This guide is intended to help you become familiar with the theme customizer that ships with WP-Forge.

The theme customizer has 9 different customizer setting areas that were added. These areas are:

  • Header Settings
  • Main Menu Settings
  • Color Settings
  • Front Page Settings
  • Content Settings
  • Main Sidebar Settings
  • Footer Sidebar Settings
  • Footer Settings
  • Foundation Buttons

Within each settings are there are sections. Some sections have sub sections. Other sections are hidden and will only appear based upon a selection you have made. Other sections will disappear based on the selections you have made.

You can get a quick overview of what each section is and what it does so you can get your site up and running in no time. Just click on a setting above in the navigation menu.

There is only one default theme customizer section that is covered in the Quick Start Guide and that is the Front Page Settings area. This area is covered because an extra option was added to this area during development. The other customizer sections not covered, Header Image, Site Identity, Background Image Settings, Menus and Widgets, are default theme customizer sections. With a quick search of Google you should be able to find information on these areas.