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The Posts Setting area deals with the way you want to present posts to your visitors.

  • Show or hide categories – Allows you to show or hide the categories that posts are assigned to.
  • Where to display categories – If you have selected Yes, show categories, you can select where you want to display the categories. You have two options: Above the post title or Above the post tags. If you select No, hide categories this option will disappear.
  • Display Post Meta? – Allows you to hide the post meta which located directly underneath the post tile. If you select No, hide post meta then the post type, date and author will be hidden. The comments will still show as well as the edit button if you logged in.
  • Show full post or excerpt? – You can choose to show the full post or an excerpt of the post on the main blog page. This also affects how archive, tag and search pages display posts.
  • Display post thumbnails? – You can choose to show post thumbnails or hide them completely on the blog page. This also affects archive, tag and search pages.
  • Show single post view thumbnail? – You can choose to show or hide post thumbnails in single post view.
  • Display post tags? – You can choose to show or hide post tags, at the end of posts.
  • Default Post Navigation or PageNavi? – Allows you to select which type of post navigation you want to use. When you first activate the theme, the default post navigation is active (the older posts and newer posts). If you select PageNavi, you presented with a list of numbers representing all the pages you can navigate to.

Once you have made any changes to this area click Save & Publish