Footer Section


The Footer Section is comprised of four settings. The first setting deals with the width of the main footer area. The main footer area holds the footer text area, the footer navigation area as well as the Social Menu. The default setting is 64rem, which is equivalent to 1024px wide. This value can be changed to whatever you wish*.

The second setting deals with the background color of the Footer Sidebar Content area. The default setting is #ffffff You can select any color you want to use for the header section.

The Footer Text option allows you to insert any type of text you wish. Yes, you can use Html. You can use any HTML that is allowed in posts and in comments. Scripts will are not allowed and will not run.

The first three settings are dynamic, which means you can see the changes you make in real time on the right hand side.

The last setting deals with the position of the footer menu and the copyright text.

  • Text & Centered – means that both the footer menu and the copyright text are centered.
  • Text Right – Nav Left – The copyright text will display to the right and the footer menu will appear to the left
  • Text Left – Nav Right – The copyright text will appear to the left and the footer menu will display to the right

Once you have made any changes to this area click Save & Publish

*I recommend that you always try to use rem values. There is a great tool that will help you with calculating rem values called Rem Calulator.