Adding Social Icons to the Social Menu

Adding social icons to the Social Menu is pretty simple.

The first thing you need to do is create a menu and give it a name. You can do something along the lines of “Social Menu” or choose anything you want.

If you have never created a menu in the WordPress admin area you can check out the WordPress Menu User Guide.

Once you have your menu created, make sure you assign it to the Social Menu theme location (see below).


Once that is done, it’s time to add the links to your social profiles. On the left hand side click on “Custom Links” section.

In the “URL” portion, type in the link to your first social profile. For example In the “Link Text” portion you need to add the name of the social site you are using. In this case it would be Facebook. See example below:


Once you are done click “Add to Menu”. Now your menu should look something like this:


Repeat the process until you have all the social links you want added to the menu. Once you are done, click “Save Menu”. Your social menu should look something like this:


Social networks that are not supported are given a generic share icon. This is how links to social sites that are not supported as well as non social links will appear when added to the social menu: