Foundation 5 – Strap Yourself In and Get Ready For Launch


Well tomorrow is the big day, Foundation 5 is slated for release and from what I have heard she is built for speed!

Honestly, I have never been excited about anything being released. For some reason though, I am really jazzed about Foundation 5. When I first came up with the idea of creating a WordPress theme mixed with Foundation, the task seemed daunting as I really had no Idea what I was doing with Foundation. Every time I thought I was finished and I thought WP-Forge was ready for release, they would release an update and the theme would get placed on the back burner again. This went on for a few months.

As you know I was able to get WP-Forge released with 4.3.1 and I was happy to hear that there were not going to be any more versions as they were focusing on F5. This down time has given me the opportunity to really get to know Foundation as well as how to make it work within WordPress.

And now, with F5 coming out tomorrow, I am at the point that I cannot wait to get my hands on the new version. WP-Forge is in a holding pattern and waiting for the new version to be incorporated. I don’t know how long it will take me to get the new version out, but rest assured that I will do my best to get it done quickly.

Foundation 5 and WP-Forge

In addition to Foundation 5, I also have a few things planned for WP-Forge v5 (the version number will coincide with the version of Foundation from this point on). One of the main things I want to incorporate is the ability to modify certain areas via the Theme Customizer. There are a ton of themes out there with a “theme options panel” and WordPress showed developers how they want this done when they introduced the theme customizer in WP 3.4. Hopefully these additions will make the users experience even better when using WP-Forge.

I still have not decided on short codes. Even though short codes do serve a purpose, I think they have gone the way of the Theme Options Panel. Every theme includes a million short codes that are not needed and just add bloat to the overall theme. I hate bloat. I do like the fact that you can add any Foundation functionality just by copying and pasting some code, however some users have stated it becomes tedious after a while to do this. So now, short codes have become the crux of WP-Forge. I would have to look at the way Foundation 5 incorporates their java script library. I will figure it out, but until then short codes are on the back burner and I do mean way in the back.

I will also be switching from Font Awesome to Foundation icon fonts. My reasoning is, If I am going to use Foundation I may as well use all of Foundation.

So, hopefully, after Foundation 5 gets released tomorrow, WP-Forge v5 will be released shortly after. As I mentioned, I don’t know how long this will take. I will keep everyone posted on the progress so If you haven’t already done so, join my newsletter to keep up to date on new features, updates and news for WP-Forge. If you use WP-Forge (or thinking about using it) I would like to hear what kind of features you would like to see

6 thoughts on “Foundation 5 – Strap Yourself In and Get Ready For Launch

    • Hey there,
      I hope for WP-Forge v5.0 to have Sass, although I have never used it before. I am pretty confident that I can make it happen – but we’ll just have to wait and see. If I can’t make it happen on initial release, I will def make it happen on another release. Don’t forget, if you use WP-Forge or are thinking about using it, sign up for the newsletter and keep updated.

  1. Just stumbled on Foundation and immediately started searching for a wordpress theme based on it and found your site. I currently use uikit for most of my sites but I’m blown away by Foundation. Signed up and you can call me an evangelist now.

  2. Hi Thomas, found WP-Forge a view days ago and i love it. When talking about shortcodes i think writing a plugin instead of blow up the theme functions.php will be a better way. So users can decide if they’ll use shortcodes or not. Another topic should be the Off Canvas part in Foundation 5. I think the new way it is build is great and most visitors know this kind of using a mobil menu from facebook. I would love to see this feature.

    • Hi Klaus,

      Glad you like the theme. Yes I agree with you, adding short codes with a plugin is better than adding short codes using the functions.php file as this can really over bloat the theme. In regards to the Off Canvas feature, this is something I have been wanting to add and I have been looking into how to accomplish this.

      I have a list of upgrades I am currently implementing into v5 of WP-Forge, which I have to say is coming along rather nicely ;). I am not sure if Off Canvas will make it into the initial release of v5 – but it is definitely on the list to be included. So stay tuned and thanks again.

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