GDPR Updates for WP-Forge and TotalPress


I hope everyone has had a great weekend. As many of you know I pushed out a few changes for WP-Forge and TotalPress themes. These changes had to deal with the GPDR compliance that went into effect on May 25th. For those of you who have no idea what the GDPR is or what it’s for (like me) you can read up on it here:

It took me a while to figure out where to add the necessary code snippets, especially for WP-Forge. I haven’t looked at her since the very last update which was about 9 months ago. I know thats wrong but I have been focused on TotalPress and TP Primo.

Basically the updates adds a GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in checkbox. When a someone leaves a comment on your website, their name, email address, and website information is stored in a browser cookie. This allows WordPress to automatically fill in user’s information in the comment form the next time they visit your site. This checkbox, when checked, will do the above however if not checked then your visitors information is not stored as stated above.

This checkbox was added to the comment form with the latest update from WordPress. All themes will display this checkbox with the exception of themes that modify the comment form. Wp-Forge and TotalPress do in fact modify the comment form. So this is the reason for the addition of the code and the updates to the themes.

Here is what the comment form looks like for TotalPress:

and here is what it looks like for WP-Forge:

The updates also removed commented versioning from all the files of both themes. Commented versioning looked like this /* @version 1.0.24 */ Basically I would change the version to match the current one and this made all files appear as changed on GitHub and, not a very good idea and not proper for real versioning.

Also for those of you who Akismet for spam, they have updated the plugin to display a message in the comment form a swell. This is what it says “This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.” – you can see it below as well. This came out after the updates I pushed out. I added the css to this site to make the font smaller and less intrusive, by that I mean large. This will be in the next version of TotalPress and well as WP-Forge but for now if you want to add it here it is below:

p.akismet_comment_form_privacy_notice {font-size:12px!important;}
p.akismet_comment_form_privacy_notice::before {content:"*";}

Adjust to suit your particular needs.

That’s about it for now. I have some really cool navigation updates coming out for TP Primo, hopefully this week. And for those of you using TP Primo, I plan on switching over to Freemius for future updates. This will probably be done over the next few weeks.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me any time.

Until then, Keep being AWESOME!

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