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I have been mulling over a situation for the past few days trying to decide what I should do. So I thought that I would pose the situation to the awesome community and see what everyone thinks.

A few weeks ago someone contacted me about doing a project that involved duplicating a theme for one of their clients. This theme would be based off a theme on ThemeForest, called Redwood. I decided that I would link to it so you could see what I was talking about. It’s a really nice looking theme and I think the theme author did a wonderful job.

What this person wanted me to do was recreate this Redwood theme using WP-Forge and a child theme. I was a little preplexed. I mean, all they had to do was buy the Redwood theme and modify it, which I did recommend. After numerous failed attempts at persuading them to buy the theme, I did ask this client why they wanted it re-created instead of buying it and they stated they have used WP-Forge for a few sites and liked the fact it was built with Foundation.

Fair enough I thought. So I quoted a price, which they agreed to and then I started working on this theme. I was cranking along rather nicely and had gotten pretty far when this past Thursday though, my client called and said “their” client scrapped the project. I kind of got upset at first but luckily for me, my client paid me for my time and didn’t even ask for the theme files. I sent an email and asked if they wanted the files for future use and I was told I could do whatever I wanted with it.

To be honest, I really like the way this theme has turned out. Incidentally I did name it Ingelwood. I have always liked that name and I needed something at the time to call it and that is what popped into my head. I did change a few things around just so it doesn’t look exactly like Redwood but now I am sitting on this theme that is almost complete and I do not know what to do with it. This is where you come in. Do I just trash the theme and let it go or do I offer it for download? Do I sell it? Should it be free?

What should I do? Let me know your thoughts and thanks in advance for your help, its greatly appreciated.

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  1. Though WP-Forge looks fine and is a clean Foundation/WP starter theme (as intended)…
    this new theme looks good and elegant and has many page layout options out the gate
    that many might do very few changes to if any. I’d like to start with it for some sites. 🙂
    You could sell it for $20-30 or use it to lure more people to WP-Forge.

  2. First, I would recommend to have it on paper that you can do with it what you want. Just to avoid future surprises.

    Second, Give it away. Why not having your first Premium Theme based on Theme Awesome?

  3. You should definitely sell this as a premium child theme. I love WP-Forge and use it for everything. However, sometimes I have clients who don’t have the budget for me to build them a custom theme. I would love to see a few options of child themes that I could purchase for situations like this.

    • I have been meaning to put together some themes that use WP-Forge, however just haven’t had the time. Ingelwood is the first theme I have worked on extensively, other than WP-Forge.

  4. I would definitely love to see the demo. I checked out Redwood on ThemeForest and that looks pretty good, so I’m positive that Inglewood looks just as good.

    Also, I share the same sentiment with others, that you should consider putting up the finished theme for download, for maybe around $20-$25.

    • I do have some things to work out still. One thing I discovered is that creating a child theme can be a really complicated process, especially where the customizer is concerned. It was trial and error but I finally got it sorted out.

      I have been thinking about it this morning and I may offer it free to one user of WP-Forge like John Sukowaty suggested and after that, I will probably offer it for sale at $25. Only time will tell.

      I am going for the use of readily available plugins from WP.org. I know JetPack is one that will def be supported and the other will be a slider. Which one? Just have to check them out and see which one is the best. I do know that Redwood uses the bxslider, so I guess I may use that it all depends.

      Thanks for the input.

    • Yes I saw that a few weeks ago and was going to use the Slick Carousel. After adding it to the theme however there were some serious issues with the css and I scrapped it. I also tried the FlexSlider2 from WooThemes.

      The BXSlider is on the list from Foundation, so that one is looking pretty good so far. I just do not want to add bloat to the theme like they do on ThemeForest. That’s why I am using plugins for the added functionality. Its also a matter of portability as well.

  5. I have been doing some research this morning and have come up with the following plugins that I will incorporate into the theme. For the slider I will be using the bxslider plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bxslider-integration/ and for the content layout I will be using the Site Layout Customizer: https://wordpress.org/plugins/site-layout-customizer/ (although some reviews say its not responsive, I may be able to get it to be responsive using Foundation). I also may use the Masonry Layout plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-masonry-layout/ and the MiniMax Page Layout Builder: https://wordpress.org/plugins/page-layout-builder/

    Once I have chosen the plugin that is the easiest to use and configure I will let everyone know. Does anyone have any suggestions for other plugins that may be used?

  6. Hi Thomas,

    I think selling would be great and agree with Cathy above.. seems like it would broaden your product offerings. Adds another to angle to things..


  7. Well I have discovered something very interesting. Ingelwood will not be a child theme of WP-Forge, however she will be based off WP-Forge.

    What exactly does this mean? Well let’s just say I have learned that it isn’t so easy to create a child theme and have it do everything you want or need it to do without some heavy customizing. So to prevent this I am taking a fresh copy of WP-Forge and renaming it basically to Ingelwood.

    This will allow me to go ahead and easily add or remove what I need. So in essence, Ingelwood will be based off WP-Forge.

    Trust me I think everyone will like the outcome 😉

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