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    Hi T


    I guess H1 at Page / Post Heading is not responding to font selection at TPPromo

    Or, am i making an error?



    Founder/Lead Dev

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by this. Could you please be a little more specific and explain what you did and why you think its not working please.

    Thanks you very much.


    Sure. Please refer to the image and you will notice that

    Post / Page title (“o Deve” here)  is showing in some other font style. I guess Page / Post Titles take H1 styles, right? I’ve set it to Abhaya Libre 32 Px but it is not what that appears

    To explain this, I had enclosed this image that has both Post Title and some text in text area with H1 (“o Deve” is the Title – and “Heading 1” is in text area. Please see inside red box below) 

    Hope it is better explained now.







    Founder/Lead Dev

    Yes thank you the pictures you sent explain it a little bit better.

    Can you please email me a link to the post in question, so I can take a look myself please thank you.


    Founder/Lead Dev

    Hi there,

    So I took a look at the post in question and yes, the H1 tags are following what is being set in the customizer. Both are using the “Abhaya Libre”, Georgia, serif font family.

    However, the font size of the post title is not following the size you set, because it is handled elsewhere in style.css. The post title is set to 35px and set to strong and the regular H1 is set to 32px and normal…a diff of 3 pixels.

    So if you want to change the size of the post title than you need to add this to your child theme’s css:

    .page h1.entry-title {
        font-size: 32px;

    So yes they are using the same font, just being handled differently. The post title will be added to the customizer later when I focus on the post content area later.

    Hope this explains everything for you. Remember I suggested you start using your browsers dev tools. If you haven’t started already here is a link that will show you how to use the console in your fav browser:

    Using the browser console

    Hope this helps amigo.


    Thanks Thomas. I get it.

    Will check out the Developer console – maybe it will get too techy for me… 🙂




    Founder/Lead Dev

    You are very welcome and learning the dev console for your browser is actually very easy and come in handy…trust me.

    So getting “techy” is def not a bad thing.

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