Foundation Progress Bars – Show Progress With Style

By definition, progress bars “are a component in a graphical user interface used to visualize the progression of an extended computer operation, such as a download, file transfer, or installation.” In the world of web development though, developers use progress bars to show the progress of a particular project or to show the level of competency regarding a certain skill set or program, i.e. Photoshop or PHP. Foundation has included its own CSS component called Foundation Progress Bars and they are easy to implement and use with WP-Forge and WP-Starter.

Foundation Pricing Tables


Pricing Tables are no longer available in Foundation 6 × If you’re making a rockin’ marketing site for a subscription-based product, you are likely in need of a pricing table. These fill 100% of their container and are made from a simple unordered list. Foundation Just as the name implies, Foundation Pricing Tables can be … Read more Foundation Pricing Tables