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  1. Personally I like the SCSS version of SASS. SASS for me it’s one of the best things to come along in a long time! Add that with Sublime Text 2 and you’re good to go!

    Would you include it along with the compiled version or something?

    • That is a very good question. I have only just started looking into Sass and getting more and more excited about it as I delve deeper into it.

      As F5 approaches (tentative date of Dec.1st) I am leaning more and more to adding it but as of yet, have not decided on the best way to achieve it. I don’t want to alienate any developers who may be interested in using WP-Forge and WP-Starter if they do not know Sass.

      I have also been contemplating the addition of a theme options panel as well to handle different, basic components of the theme but don’t know how that will interact with Sass. Any thoughts?

      • I’m just passing the intermediate level and honestly wonder how you would implement that… I guess you could ship your themes with it and we’d have to then setup the ‘compile’ part of if for development.. What I did was make a child theme based on WP-Forge so the child theme was really a blank canvas to start out with using SaSS.. I also used Scout to compile it which I find to be super simple.. I haven’t tried the ‘Ruby gem’ way as I haven’t delved into Ruby yet…

        • Well I am a total newb when it comes to Sass. I don’t all that much about it to be honest but I know more and more developers are moving towards using it. It is def on my list of things I must learn. Also here are few other things I had in mind: I was thinking of making WP-Forge and WP-Starter compatible with WooCommerce and also adding a theme options panel. Thoughts?

  2. I think using Sass would be a great idea. Ironically today was the same day that I decided I wanted to build this client theme on WP-Forge and that I wanted to use Sass. Now I don’t exactly know what to do :-/

  3. Personally I would love this. I really love working with Sass. However, if you’re new to it yourself, then maybe it should come much later? Compass and Ruby can generate a lot of problems for people (ie: designers who arn’t hardcore coders. ie: myself!). In my opinion you need to support your own product if it’s to be successful.

    • Hi Brock,

      I wasn’t going to say anything about this until later but I guess now is the proper time. Foundation 6 is coming out soon and once it does and WP-Forge is updated to F6 then I will be working with another individual to release a sass version of WP-Forge. So its a comin, just do not have an ETA on it but when I do I will let everyone know.

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