WordPress Child Theme WP-Starter – Simple & Easy to Use


WordPress Child Theme – The Beginning

WordPress Child Theme came after WordPress first introduced a proper theming system back in 2005. Before the advent of wordpress child themes. most people would search endlessly for the perfect theme. Once they found it, they would customize it to suit their needs. As with all themes, there were usually updates and so users would have to go back and try to figure out all the changes that were made, save these changes, apply the theme update, then go back and apply the changes they made again. This process would inevitably take a long time. This is why the wordpress child theme was introduced.

WordPress Child Theme – What is it?

According to WordPress, a WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits all the functionality of another theme, aptly called the parent. The parent theme is the base of operations so to speak. It contains all of the main programming and main features. The child theme contains all of the main styling and images.

WordPress Child Theme – Why you should use it

First and foremost, and basically the one and only main reason you should use a WordPress child theme, is the simple fact that any and all of your customizations and or edits are made to the WordPress child theme and are safe against being overwritten when the parent theme is updated.

Being a WordPress theme developer who did work for some clients, I needed something that I could use with my client projects. This is why I created my WordPress child theme WP-Starter specifically for use with my responsive WordPress theme WP-Forge. I try to keep WP-Forge updated on a regular basis so when I update WP-Forge, I will not lose any of the changes or edits that I made using WP-Starter.

Keep in mind, you can use the WordPress child theme WP-Starter but you do not necessarily have to use WP-Starter as the theme name. All you need to do is create a new folder, copy and paste the content from WP-Starter into this new folder and then simply change the name from WP-Starter to whatever your new theme name is. You can also change the screenshot image as well.

WordPress Child Theme – What’s included in WP-Starter

Below is a list of all the files that come with WP-Starter:

  • functions.php – Allows you to load extra scripts and styles you may need, add your own functions or overwrite any parent functions you may need to
  • README.txt – Contains information about WP-Starter as well instructions on installing the theme
  • style.css – Allows you to add your own styles to your child theme and also allows you to override any styles of the parent theme.

For more information on how to properly use a WordPress Child Theme, please checkout the WordPress Codex. It contains a lot of useful information.