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Today I have finally gotten around to completing all of the updates to WP-Forge. It has been a while since the last update, two months as a matter of fact. For me that is a long time so I can only imagine how long its been for the awesome community to wait.

There are some serious updates in this release. This is why, before I submit the update to WordPress.org I would like anyone and everyone who like to test the release do so. This way we can identify any issues that I may have over looked.

Here is a list of the changes that I have made. This is taken directly from the changelog.txt file:

* Fixed the search button issue. This was caused by the Foundation update. Seems they changed something and it was causing the text on the search button to display towards the bottom of the button.
* Wrapped all functions in customizer.php in "if function_exists" statements. Now the customizer can be overwritten easily with "remove_action".
* Adjusted the line height of the h1.entry-title element. I felt there was too much space when the line wrapped.
* Increased the font size for buttons, to me it looks better and is easier to see.
* Switched where the post thumbnail was being displayed in single post view. I never noticed before but the entry-meta was showing below the post thumbnail. Single post view is supposed to display the same as home (blog) view. Now it does.
* Added featured images to pages. Seems to make sense to me that if featured images are available in posts they should also be available for pages as well. Thanks to user geotn for pointing it out https://wordpress.org/support/topic/does-featured-image-work-for-this-theme-featured-image-not-working
* Removed the jQuery function that added "th" to featured images. Adding "th" to featured images added the white border. I received a lot of emails asking how this can be removed.
* Updated Genericons to 3.3.1
* Increased the size of the Customizer area. I was seeing the top of the left panels being blocked a little, where some of the information in the panel or section was being blocked. Increasing the size has corrected the issue so far. It has reduced real estate in the customizer preview panel just a little.
* Added favicon to admin area and login page. This makes the favicon consistent throughout the entire site if a user uploads a custom favicon.
* Added the top-bar color to the ul when the top-bar is set to the scroll or fixed position. If there is more than one line of links and the links wrapped to  second line, the background was transparent. This looked awkward. This corrects the issue.
* Fixed an issue with the top-bar displaying along with the off-canvas menu in mobile view.
* Added the abilty to show or hide catgories, post meta and post tags in posts. You also have the ability to choose whether or not to show the categories above the post title or above the post tags.
* Adjusted the font size of the code block displayed at the end of the comments form. It was kind of big and blocky and didn't look right to me.
* Added a admin notice. When the theme is activated for the first time, users will see a notice box that contains a link to the WP-Forge Quick Start Guide, a link to the WordPress Codex for information on how to create a child theme as well as a link to download WP-Starter.
* Added the option to hide the title area of the top-bar. This only affects the top-bar in the normal and contain-to-grid-sticky positions.
* Added the option to float links in the top-bar to the right (default) or left positions when the top-bar is in the top of browser - scroll and top of browser - fixed positions.
* Added a hr to the content area. This will only display when off-canvas is used in mobile. I added this because there was no separation of header or main content area in mobile view.
* Added "hide-for-small hide-for-medium" to the top-bar in content-nav.php. This prevents the top-bar from showing along with the off-canvas menu when "Use Off-Canvas for Mobile?" is set to yes.
* Added Off-Canvas as a menu option. This means you can use the Off-Canvas menu as your sites menu.
* Added Off-Canvas color options to the customizer. Now users can change the colors associated with the Off-Canvas menu.
* Updated screenshot.png

During this testing phase I will also be completing the WP-Forge Quick Start Guide. This guide that will give all users a sort of “how to” guide to get up and running after the theme has been activated. I ask that if you can, please activate on a new install of WordPress either on your local system or remote server. Do not use this beta release on a live production site. Only update to the latest version once it becomes available in the update screen.

If you would like to test this new version, please shoot me an email via the contact page or leave a comment below.

As always, enjoy!

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