WP-Forge and Foundation 6 Testing Begins

Yesterday I received an email from the fine folks at Zurb inviting me to join the Foundation 6 testing team. This is truly an honor.

So today I was able to download the new F6 while I’m away on a little weekend get away with the family.

I’ll be home later today and I plan on digging in and firing it up and seeing how this new version had changed.

From everything I have read, F6 has been completely rewritten from the ground up and is leaner, meaner and faster.

I do have a few concerns, mainly the way the walkers for the top-bar and off-canvas will be affected. I hope nothing will change but if it has, then I’ll need to rewrite those walkers completely. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard but there is always that chance.

Other than that I think it will go smoothly. Unfortunately I won’t be able to give anyone access as F6 is still in beta.all I can do is provide my feed back and hope they push out the needed changes. From what I understand I believe F6 will be made available sometime next month, maybe even at the beginning of November, I’m not quite sure. I well keep everyone posted on what I find and anything I hear from Zurb.

So wish me luck and keep anything and everything crossed and hope this goes off without s hitch.

As always, enjoy!

8 thoughts on “WP-Forge and Foundation 6 Testing Begins

  1. Super cool Thomas!!!
    You are on it as usual… and we all appreciate it.
    I know I can’t wait to use Foundation ver. 6 in your WP-Forge Theme!

    BTW – so for us WP designer types,
    will it still be just fine do do some theme customizing using a lil css
    instead of getting deep into SASS?
    It seems to me that getting all nerdy with SASS
    is most useful for building a large site from scratch.. no?


    • Hi Rand,

      Thank you sir, I try my best. Yes the version of WP-Forge that is available will only use css no sass.

      My plan, once F6 comes out and WP-Forge is working fine with it, is to release a sass version for those who want it. I think I will only make it available on github but err will see when the time comes.

      Thanks again.

    • Hi Jordi,

      As I mentioned previously no, WP-Forge was designed for the everyday user to easily set up a site our use a child theme to dev a site.

      Sass is for more experienced developers which is why once F6 has released the first stable version I will get together with a few users who know sass and dev a version of WP-Forge. Like I said it may live on github but I’m not sure.

      So until then make sure you sign up for updates and once it’s available I’ll let everyone know.

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