6 thoughts on “WP-Forge and Foundation 6 Update

  1. Thomas, this theme has come a long way since you began work on it. Thanks for all your hard work. Just want to ask if you had a rough estimate how long it will take you to bring Foundation 6 into the theme. No precise date, just an estimate — two days? two weeks? two months?


    • Hi Lee,

      Thank you very much for the kind words. F6 is totally different beast than F5, F4 or F3. Everything has changed considerably.

      I hope to have this figured out over the next few days, however I can’t make any promises as to an exact time frame for completion. I wish I could but I m not just going to add F6 and not make sure its 100% ready.

      So it could take a few days, it could take a few weeks. I also have a regular job that I have to go to and it is the holiday season, so we are super busy. Just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

      Sorry I can’t be any more specific.

  2. Nice work on the video. If possible, transcriptions are often quicker to browse through when looking for update/changelog info. Thanks!

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