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Hey everyone, its your long lost amigo coming at you with what I hope is some great news all around. I was going to make a video but decided to write the post instead as I haven’t done it a while. Just feels a little more personal to me. Not only that but I got a new MacBook Pro and I am still learning how to use it…lol!

It’s been a while but WP-Forge 6.2 is finally here! Again I do apologize. As with any new piece of code, there are bound to be all sorts of bugs and the new Foundation for Sites was/is no exception.

Foundation for Sites 6.2 fixes a ton of issues, even though a few remain. Overall, I feel confident in releasing WP-Forge to the masses. I have even updated ThemeAwesome with the new version, as well as the demo site. Seems to be doing fine so far, just have to work on a few pieces of content and get everything updated.

I do have some concerns though, well really just one and it pertains to the Off-Canvas menu. When you have sub pages and view on mobile, the the parent link does not link to the appropriate page. You can see this here on ThemeAwesome by viewing the site on a mobile device. I have to make a dummy parent link called Blog and added the Articles and Snippets links to it as sub links. It works fine but it just makes me miss the original off-canvas menu.

Well enough of that, lets get into whats new in WP-Forge 6.2 shall we?

WP-Forge 6.2 Changelog

Here is a copy of the changelog:

= 6.2 =
* Updated to the latest version of Zurb's Foundation, 6.2
* Increased the width of the theme from 1024px to 1200px. This is based off the new width of rows wich is 1200px.
* With the increase in width, I decided to add a fourth footer widget.
* Added fonts.css to editor. Previously only genericons.css was added. Since this was combined into fonts.css with font-awesome, fonts.css was added. Now genericons and font-awesome are available via the editor.
* Updated Font-Awesome to latest version, 4.5. font-awesome.min.css was added to fonts.css, the full version of Font-Awesome is located in /fonts/full (per WordPress guidelines).
* Genericons css was minified and changed in fonts.css - full version of genericon.css is available in /fonts/full (per WordPress guidelines).
* Added Motion-UI (https://github.com/zurb/motion-ui)
* Renamed load-foundation.js to app.js.
* Removed normalize.css as it is now part of foundation.css.
* Increased thumbnail size to 800px and full width thumbnail to 1200px.
* Removed Modernizer - The way F6 is written, this file is no longer needed.
* Added the contain-to-grid option back for the main menu area. Initially I removed it because the contain-to-grid element was removed in F6. However I was able to retain this option. All options previously available for the top-bar menu are still intact.
* Added to ability to set the font size for the footer area.
* Removed the 'wpforge_active_list_pages_class' function. This started on line 276 of functions.php - This function was not need as the 'wpforge_active_nav_class' function above it starting on line 261 added the same 'active' class to the current page item in the top-bar menu.
* Added a new version of page-navi function. Old function was not displaying properly. See http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-add-numeric-pagination-in-your-wordpress-theme/ for more information.
* Removed the custom-bckground-white body class from the theme. I saw no purpose in it, so it is removed.
* Removed the postfix element from the search submit button. This element was removed from F6 and shrunk the submit button in the search form widget.
* Changed word-wrap for pre. Now pre wraps properly (or at least how I want it to)
* Added new off-canvas menu. I was able to retain the look and functionality, plus all of the options in the customizer.
* Adjusted the options for the new top-bar menu in customizer.
* Added @version to all files for better version control.
* Corrected an issue in the comment form. In discussion settings, unchecking "Comment author must fill out name and email" removed the "Your Name" and "Your Email" labels from the comment form. These labels appear properly now. See this thread: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/comment-form-labels-not-visible-on-discussion-setting-change?replies=3#post-7869547 - Thanks to user "forbc" for bringing this to my attention.
* Added option in customizer to reset the comment forms back to their original positions. For details see http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-move-comment-text-field-to-bottom-in-wordpress-4-4/
* The separator for breadcrumbs will now show automatically via css.
* Added function to wpforge-functions.js that removes empty p and br tags from the content area.
* Removed the About WP-Forge section under Appearance. It was kind of clunky and not dev friendly. I will be switching to a new About WP-Forge admin page. The admin notice about WP-Forge will still display once the theme has been activated.
* Added the clearfix class to gallery via the wpforge-functions.js file
* Added support for Jetpacks new social menu.
* Fixed issue where catgories were not showing above tags if Where to display categories? was set to Above Post Tags.
* Redid the comment reply button by adding a label class.
* Reversed the Sticky pin icon to the other direction.
* Changed the icon for the post date.
* Removed the actual search form from 404.php and added get_search_form function instead.
* Changed .entry-content for posts to .entry-content-posts and .entry-content for pages to .entry-content-pages. I did this to better help the end user control the look and feel of posts as well as pages.
* Added options for font sizes, color as well as link decoration to customizer for posts, pages, sidebar and footer sidebar.
* Title Area of the top-bar will only appear in Top- of Browser - Scroll and Top of Browser - Fixed. Title area does not show in Normal Position or Contain to Grid Sticky
* Added Foundation Buttons Panel and sections for Foundation buttons - Now the end user can change the settings of all the Foundation buttons.
* Added the option to select between regular Foundation grid or the new Foundation flex grid (this is available under the Content Settings Panel)
* Left the inline css that is added to the header via the customizer as is. Meaning, each element is on its own line.

As you can see its a very long list. The last time the list was this long was!

Word of Caution: WP-Forge 6.2 will break your site!

Yes its true. If you are running WP-Forge right out of the box or using a child theme, your site is going to break. Everyone needs to understand, Zurb reworked Foundation from the ground up. A lot of things were taken out and others were merged here and there but the majority was rewritten completely. Its not the same Foundation it was before. Its a totally new beast and what a beautiful beast she is.


Keep in mind, I cannot assist you with your site if it breaks. I can only assist and will only assist if something is not working with WP-Forge the way it should be right out of the box. WP-Forge is used on thousands of sites and I am pretty sure once the theme goes live on WP.org there are going to be a ton of support threads from people who didn’t test.

Speaking of support, please use the support forum for any issues and not the comment form. If someone posts an issue in the comments, I will just ignore it and refer them to the support forums.

Let’s Do This: Download Now

I am making WP-Forge 6.2 available for download and will be available for download through the weekend. By the time you read this post, the download link will be available. On Sunday, I will submit her to the theme review team and once she is approved, I will remove the download.

The reason I am doing this is to allow anyone who is interested in downloading a copy and run it against any sites they may have built with previous versions of the theme. I highly recommend you test on a local install or on a demo server before you use on a production site.

So there you have it. I’m excited and apprehensive at the same time. Will this new update go over well or will bomb completely? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Either way please let me know your thoughts and how this new update goes for you.

As always, enjoy!

Download WP-Forge

P.S. If anyone knows of some free video editing software for mac, please let me know. Preferably one that allows video in video, you know stuff like that or if you have any suggestions on sites I can visit to learn how to work this damn thing, please let know as well 😉

21 thoughts on “WP-Forge Built With Foundation 6.2 Now Available

  1. Hey Thomas I noticed you mentioned lack of parent link working in off-canvas menu. If it helps you can do this with the drilldown menu – you just add a data-parent-link=”true” option. I actually added this functionality to the drilldown menu as I needed this myself. I’m also working on adding this to the accordion menu and would love your feedback. See here: https://github.com/zurb/foundation-sites/issues/7770

  2. There’s a Foundation solution for mobile menu’s with parent links. You can use a Drilldown menu with data-parent-link=”true”. I’m hoping with future releases we also get similar functionality in the accordion menu.

  3. @ Brett and Jesse, thanks for the info guys, its greatly appreciated. I did switch the menu from accordion to drilldown and I did add data-parent-link="true". Seems to be working fine now, however the accordion menu is gone from the off-canvas menu, but until it can be fixed I am going to leave it as is.

    Thank you both for the information 😉

  4. Hello Thomas.

    My website; http://mybrighteststar.net/

    I updated my Forge theme (Didn’t know that it would remove all the customization I had done which really has upset me but I am just making do with it) and now I seem to be having a problem changing the colors of the buttons (For example, the button that says “Yes please” under the subscription box). I am also having a problem with the menu’s dropping down and being covered by the ‘recommended posts’ slider I have. Is there a way to change those button colors and fix the menu’s to drop down OVER the slider? There are also borders around all of the pictures, is this part of the theme update as well?

    I apologize for all the questions…

  5. Hey there I apologize but in the post above I did say this:

    Speaking of support, please use the support forum for any issues and not the comment form. If someone posts an issue in the comments, I will just ignore it and refer them to the support forums.

    Not only that but you comment went to spam, which is why I didn’t see it.

    So if you could please use the support forums and ask your questions there.


  6. One of the problems with learning WordPress is that at some point you know too much for any of the tutorials that are easy to find. At the same token, you’re still ignorant about a whole bunch of stuff. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks fighting with everything from Atom to Zurb. Thank you for merging Zurb and WP together. I’ve tried almost all of the Zurb WP themes, and several other frameworks themes. This is the only one I’ve found that just WORKS. And that you’ve taken the time to make it editable via the Customizer makes it easy to customize. Now since I’m feeling smart, let me go break my test site.

  7. Hi Thomas, love what you’re doing, even when there’s lots to fix after a big update like this grin!

    I spent a couple of hours tracking down the thing that broke quite a few pages on my site, when I figured out the solution was in the changelog duh!
    * Added function to wpforge-functions.js that removes empty p and br tags from the content area.
    I have no clue why you would remove ALL br tags from the content area? Are they deprecated or what? No offense, just asking…
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey there,

      Yeah sorry about that. It was an experiment to see if it affected orbit and accordion and I just left it in there. I have removed it. Thats part of the next update…again sorry for any confusion or inconvenience.

    • Forgot to mention you can remedy the situation by opening up wpforge-functions.js and looking for the following:

      // Remove empty P tags created by WP inside of Accordion and Orbit - Thanks to JointsWP - added 6.1.1
          jQuery('.accordion p:empty, .accordion br, .entry-content-post p:empty, .entry-content-post br, .entry-content-page p:empty, .entry-content-page br, .orbit p:empty').remove();

      and make it look like this:

      // Remove empty P tags created by WP inside of Accordion and Orbit - Thanks to JointsWP - added 6.1.1
          jQuery('.accordion p:empty, .accordion br, .orbit p:empty, .orbit br').remove();

      Hope this helps correct any issues.

      • Sorry I forgot to mention that I when I found the problem, I also figured out how to solve it, using an alternative functions.js in my child theme. Anyway thanks for the help, and I’m glad the update fixes the issue.

        Anyway, I’m very happy to see how this project is evolving. You are doing an awesome job!

  8. Thomas, I bit the bullet and updated a client’s site to 6.
    I must reiterate for others the importance of testing on a development site. It took me a while but I think I’m just about there, confident enough to update the live site which I have done today.
    One thing that did trip me up for a while was Zurb’s removal of the ‘panel’ in favour of ‘callout’. I had quite a few panels used on the site with their own custom CSS. Needless to say, they were screwed up pretty bad until I noticed what was going on. Obviously that’s a Foundation thing, but mention it here nonetheless.
    One thing that helped me immensely was using the Customizer Export plugin. I was never a great fan of the Customizer (relying on child theme CSS styles instead), but have grown to quite like it now I can easily save and import settings.
    As ever Thomas, you’ve done great work with WP-Forge, you genius!
    BW, Graham

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