WP-Forge is live on WordPress.org

Well it has finally happened! WP-Forge was approved and set to live today! You can download the latest version of WP-Forge,, here https://wordpress.org/themes/wp-forge/.

While you are at it, please leave a rating and let others know what you think. I hope that I have earned a five star rating from everyone who uses the theme…lol. I’m kidding really, however please leave an honest review.

I have updated the links to the support forum and I am moving all the support over to WP.org. I know its been a long time coming and I am thankful to everyone who stood by me and helped me get here.

There is a update coming out soon,, so be on the look out. This is the version in which I will be utilizing changelog.txt. Thanks again to everyone. As always ENJOY!!! 😉

18 thoughts on “WP-Forge is live on WordPress.org

  1. Thomas, this is great news!!! Congrats and we’ll deserved! Can’t wait to download from the repository.. very cool!!!

  2. Thomas,

    Congratulations on the update and being “official”! Quick question — I have a client who is on an older version of the framework (5.3), so it may not make sense to update — I was wondering if there was a way to turn off update notifications so the client doesn’t accidentally update the theme? We’ll get there, but I want to user proof it for now.

  3. Wow – congrats!

    There’s certainly a bunch of stuff that’s changed from your hosted version ( to the WP.org release ( – is there a changelog coming soon?


    • Thank you. Yes there are a lot of changes but I forgot to keep a log of what I did change. My apologies.

      There is a new version coming soon,, and that version has a changelog txt file.

      Again, sorry for the inconvenience, it was the heat of the moment kind of thing 😉

      • Yep – it’s most likely going to throw a bunch of people for a loop expecting it to be much closer to the previous (pre-WP.org) updates. I’m also experiencing what seems to be a bunch of color background resets, in addition to the revised “colorful” social menu icons.

        • Again, I do apologize for any inconvenience this new version may cause.

          All I tried to do was make her the best she could be while keeping to WP standards.

          I guess maybe I tried too hard I suppose.

          • No apologies needed here – you’ve contributed a ton with this. Thanks!
            I’m only thinking of you having to deal with support issues differently, now that this is on WP.org.

  4. FYI – If anyone is looking here to find changes from or to, here’s what I noticed changed to start. Might be helpful to someone who is using a customized child theme based on WP-Starter.

    1) CSS for the “colorful” social media icons.
    2) CSS for the Header Container and Nav Container
    3) Widget areas have been renamed – so if your widgets are no longer showing up, check the names in the code.

    Seems like GitHub would have some way to show the diffs between the versions we could more easily spot the changes, but I’m not sure how to do that.

    • Congratulations on the big update but I too am having problems with the update. The list above is helpful, but what is the best way to remedy it? I tried switching some part of the last version’s CSS, then switching out the whole thing, and it doesn’t help. We are using a child’s theme. Thank you!

        • I already started doing this manually – there’s TONS (hundreds) of changes. A quick calculation shows the file amounts themselves have also changed. Between (old) and (new) there are 64 shared files, plus 12 new and 16 old (assuming the git version)

          Many of these files only change the version number, while others like functions.php and style.css have dozens of changes. Then of course, there are the changes to the ZURB Foundation files too. Additionally there are some files which were minimized like wpforge-fonts.css and now are no longer minimized. And (maybe) lastly, there are a bunch of places scattered throughout the code where the functions used to call “wp-forge” and now call “wpforge” (note the hyphen)

          I’d say this comparison done right and commented, might take several hours to sort out and create a truly usable changelog with decent notes.

          Ah well – for me, I’m locking down site work done with and will not upgrade to since the changes are currently too great to deal with. So I’m not sure I’ll be “changing accordingly” 😛

          Going forward though, seems to be put together more cleanly and I’d certainly continue to use it once WP-Starter is sorted out to work nicely with the new WP-Forge.

          Personally, I consider to be more of a 5.6 version 🙂 To me, it’s still the strongest Foundation based theme out there and since I already knew the Twenty Twelve theme pretty well I always came back to WP-Forge.

          Let’s see where this goes!

  5. Actually there are a total of 96 changed files with 10,247 additions and 10,150 deletions 😉 – you can see everything yourself and what was changed in each file by viewing the latest commit:


    True many of them are just version bumps.

    Yes I should have kept a changelog of some kind. Again sorry. I know its frustrating and I can’t apologize enough. This will not happen again, trust me. I already have an extensive changelog.txt file for, which coincidentally contains two changes brought to my attention by BadCat and I am sure there will probably be more, either in or other versions 😉

    So what we need to do now is move this topic (which has gone off topic), to one of two places, either the Github issue area or the actual theme support forums. That is what they are for, to provide assistance with the theme. I will gladly join you where ever you decide to go.

    Glad you like the theme Kel and I hope you continue to use it.

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