WP-Forge Plus BeaverBuilder Equals Premium Version


So I have been thinking about the direction of ThemeAwesome as well as my responsive WordPress theme, WP-Forge and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to offer a premium version of WP-Forge and in that premium version I wanted some really cool things to be available.

I asked around and got a few suggestions from many different people and a lot suggested using some sort of a page builder plugin.

So I started doing some research and I came across a few that really had some potential.

The first page builder plugin I came across, I was immediately interested in. This one was called Unyson. The main reason it caught my attention was that it was free, but I later found out it had one major drawback, it was based on Boostrap (yuck). That’s a downgrade right there in my opinion. Nothing against you Unyson, I’m sure your plugin is great, I just can’t stand Bootstrap.

So I came across another plugin that was referred to as “the number one page builder plugin for WordPress”, Visual Composer. Now it has a decent price tag, but if you look at the licensing you will notice it’s is kind of screwy and really restrictive. Thanks Envato.

Then I came across Beaverbuilder. The licensing is pretty straight forward but it does have a hefty price tag. This is the one that has my interest peaked. After looking into the plugin this is what I have discovered you can do with the plugin:

  • the theme you use it in must be responsive (score!!!)
  • you can insert 1 to 6 columns, plus a left, right or left and right sidebar
  • you can insert audio, buttons, video
  • it comes with accordions, tabs, sliders, testimonials etc.

Trust me, the list if very extensive and this plugin delivers on everything it says it can do.

All in all I am excited about it. Did I get the plugin? Well after a lot of thought, back and forth, looking at the pros and cons, yes, yes I did.

So with the Beaverbuilder plugin I plan on making a premium version of WP-Forge. There are a few things I need to look into. For instance, with all the extras that are included, I need to look into the possibility of only including certains files from Foundation. For example, the theme wouldn’t need anything related to accordions, tabs or orbit. So do I lose things like that or do I keep them in. Will they cause conflicts? This is what I need to figure out. So over the next couple of weeks this is what I am going be doing.

So there you have it. This is something that I would really like to add to WP-Forge as I think it would add another layer of awesomeness to an already awesome theme.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject, maybe some suggestions and so on. What’s a good price to charge for a premium version of WP-Forge? If you guys could give me your honest opinion I would greatly appreciate it. Until next time, enjoy! 😉

21 thoughts on “WP-Forge Plus BeaverBuilder Equals Premium Version

  1. Beaver Builder looks impressive. Does Beaver Builder directly use or somehow tie into or extend Foundation’s CSS? Most of what I’ve seen with these builder plugins is that they’re adding in their own CSS in order to… well, build. So if WP-Forge is now using BB, then why would you need to have a base with Foundation?

    • Hi Kel,

      Basically the idea is to look into beaverbuilder and see how things are done.

      I’ve that info is obtained, there is a way to build custom modules for the builder using the lite version if the plugin.

      These modules will be based on foundation and use everything associated with foundation.

      So it’s not using the full version of beaverbuilder as that isn’t possible.

      • Hi Thomas,

        Ahh – I see.

        I’m kind of surprised none of these builders aren’t using Foundation for the layout module. I’m sure someone’s compiled an updated list – I did one a few years back ( badcat.com/journal/wordpress-page-builders/ ) but the landscape has drastically changed even in the last 6 months.

        Greg Priday’s Page Builder team ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/siteorigin-panels/ ) always seemed responsive (see what I did there?) to suggestions. Since it’s also Open Source I wonder if that might be a match for extending it into using Foundation and save you the work.

        thanks as usual – great work you’ve been doing!

        • Following up on my comment about the lack of Foundation based builders… This one is commercial and appears to be built on Foundation. codecanyon.net/item/vsbuilder-pure-html-and-css-page-builder/9465325 Since Foundation has multiple ways of handling grids (for now) I wonder how often any builder will need to be completely updated – and worse, would we have to update the underlying HTML structure every time?

          • Hey Kel! Thanks for the feedback. My name is Robby and I am one of the co-founders or Beaver Builder.

            We used a variation of Bootstraps grid system for Beaver Builder. The reason for this is because Beaver Builder is designed to work with any theme. We found that if we used Bootstrap’s or Foundation’s CSS line for line, it caused a ton of conflicts with the many themes that also used those frameworks. For that reason, we decided to “roll our own.”

  2. Fantastic idea! I’ve been using Beaver Builder for over one year now and I love it. Mostly used with the original Beaver Builder theme,
    Maybe the BB-Theme could be a good starting point to see how to smoothly integrate the Beaver Builder in WP-Forge.

    • The actual bb themes do not have the plugin integrated but they do have some cool things in the customizer which I looked into as well.

      I already have a few idea of some of the things I want to use 😉

  3. I gotta tell ya, I love WP-Forge as is and would pay for it as is. I’ve been using Foundation since 2012, I think I started with version 2. I used it to build stand alone, hand coded sites and splash pages for database driven sites. I really enjoy having the full access to the front end code. For years a I longed for the front end flexibility of Foundation coupled with the power of WordPress. When I found WP-Forge it was a dream come true. I love it.

    All that said, I totally think you should add on a layout builder. Although I like coding the front end stuff myself, WP-Forge may find a much broader market appeal if it were ready to go out of the box for those who do not wish to work with the front end code.

    Thanks a zillion for your work.

    • Glad you like the theme amigo and your very welcome.

      The whole idea of adding the ability to build pages with something like beaverbuilder is to allow people to do it themselves, coders and non coders alike.

      As you stated, this may add another layer of awesomeness and greatly enhance the flexibility it already has.

  4. I hope you won’t make a theme change that will break all the current installations of the theme on upgrade. If you want to do that, please fork it to a new theme name altogether.

    • Of course not, the idea is to add more functionality.

      Basically the plan is to add the ability to insert any foundation item via the page builder.

      Anyone can do this now, but drag and drop functionality would make it easier 😉

  5. Hi Thomas,

    This sounds like a great idea and supports the need for a premium version handily. I don’t know of many builders, per se, but know of Piklist. I know one of the developers who is also the NYC WP Meetup organizer – https://wordpress.org/plugins/piklist/ I don’t know if that would be of interest. Also the other one I have used is more of a framework from elegantthemes called Divi. You can access their work here: elegantthemes dot com. I found this one strangely difficult, however, to tweak with css though they claim it’s super easy.

    Keep up the great work!

    P. S. Thanks for the info for some of the other builders.. I always like to see what people are doing.

    Go well,

  6. Thomas, I’d look into SiteOrigin’s Page Builder. It’s free, very user-friendly and already has an extensive set of plugins (also free) and users.

  7. Hey guys! Thanks for the article and the kind words about Beaver Builder. We really appreciate it.

    We support bundling with the free version of Beaver Builder that’s in the WordPress repo. We’re actually releasing some new features specifically for theme authors in our upcoming release (1.8). We will have some more information about that in our blog very soon!

    • Hi Robby,

      thanks for stopping by. I have to say that you guys have built one awesome plugin. Its super great and I have enjoyed playing around with it. So thanks for the great work and keep it up 😉

      I was thinking of getting a refund, however, I have decided that I am going to keep the license I purchased as I believe it will suit the needs of an opportunity that came my way today.

      So I look forward to a very long, happy relationship with you and your amazing plugin.

  8. I think it’s much better to leave foundation as it is, combining it with page builder makes foundation features totally useless specially the grid system. Hence beaver builder isn’t rem base.

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