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A few weeks ago a user asked me if I had thought about creating a short code plugin based on Foundation to be used with WP-Forge. If you like here is the original threadย http://themeawesome.com/themeawe/forums/topic/foundation-plugin/

Needless to say that question inspired me so, since that discussion I have been sneaking away to my secret lab under the house when the wife goes to bed. Yep I have been secretly working on that plugin and I am happy to say that it is a few weeks from being released.

It is based mainly off of Easy Foundation Shortcode plugin with a few changes made here and there. OK, I cleaned it up a lot. Not that its a bad plugin, it actually works pretty good, but there are some things in the plugin that shouldn’t have been there (just my opinion) and I added a few things.

So before I release this new little toy of mine, I would like to test it out and see if we can squash any bugs before its actual release. So if you are interested in testing her out, please leave a comment below. here is how I would like the testing to go:

Beta Version 1: Phase One Testing

All you have to do is let me know of any little bugs here or there that you may notice. After I have gathered all of the feedback, any and all issues will be corrected.

Beta Version 2: Phase Two Testing

After the initial issues have been corrected, I will send out the second beta version for everyone to test. I will include of a list of all the issues that were corrected so everyone can test that they have been fixed. Again, all you would have to do is test the fixes to make sure they have been f actually fixed and make note of any other issues that may have been missed.

Beta Version 3: Final Phase of Testing

Just like with phase two testing, I will correct any and all issues that may have been missed in phase two as well as correct any new issues. After I am done, I will send final Beta 3 version for testing. Hopefully this will be the final round of tests and any and all bugs will be squashed.

If there are any bugs I will correct them and finally release the actual plugin to everyone. So, if you are interested in testing out this new plugin, please leave a comment below. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. As always, enjoy!

12 thoughts on “WP-Forge Short Code Plugin

  1. Happy to do some testing on the plugin… currently building a couple of sites based of Forge & Starter ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thomas,
    I like the sound of this and will be pleased to test for you.
    I did try the Easy Foundation Shortcode plugin, but found that it broke the navigation on my sites. Specifically, the submenu items were not appearing. Took a while to figure out what was causing the issue, disabled the plugin and found that was the cause.
    I’m also looking at page builders that I can add to clients’ sites so they can create more varied pages without getting their hands dirty. I’ve tried one or two, but don’t want to compromise the WP-Forge theme, do you have any recommendations?
    Thanks, as ever,

    • Glad to have you aboard Graham, although I must say building a plugin is hard work, especially when you want it work perfectly. But I will get there and when I do you need to be ready.

      As for page builders, I am not the person to ask as I have never used one before so i wouldn’t even know where to look.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I know this was started over a month ago and to be honest I am scrapping what I have and starting ALL over again.

    One of the reasons I am going to start again is the fact that what I had was basically different bits and pieces from many different sources. She was clunky and it nagged me.

    So a few days ago I decided that I was going to rebuild it this time using only one source and that is the [Professional WordPress Plugin Development] (http://justintadlock.com/plugindevbook) book.

    Since getting the book, I have to admit that this is the only source that has made complete sense to me. Everything else, including some great tutorials from some really talented individuals, confused the hell out of me. Or am I just an idiot that comprehend? Either way this book rocks and I suggest if any of you are interested you should grab a copy.

    So please keep your fingers crossed and hang in there, I want this to be the best it can possibly be and I think I just might be able to do it.

    Seems the Markdown isn’t working from Jetpack…grrrr

  4. Thomas, I would love to test the plugin. In fact I started building a child theme on WP-Forge this week (as you probably know by our thread on GitHub re: the menus). Could I get a DL of the shortcodes plugin? I started to use Easy Foundation Shortcodes but it’s loading additional resources that aren’t necessary since the theme is already built on Foundation. I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Hey Kyler,

      Unfortunately this was placed on the back burner a few months ago. I do however have plans on restarting it here shortly. With the job and some family issues, there just hasn’t been sufficient time.

      I would like to completely rewrite that Easy Foundation Shortcodes plugin, which is what I will probably end up doing and your right it does load a lot of unnecessary stuff. Its a good plugin but I think it could be better.

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