WP-Forge – Theme Customizer Updated

With the release of WP-Forge v5.0.2, I have had two issues pop up concerning the custom Theme Customizer that is included.

When I was developing this particular section of the theme, I wanted it to be simple and easy to use. I also wanted to showcase how easy it was to implement a custom version of the actual Theme Customizer. During the process I removed 2 default sections. One section was the Navigation area and the other was the Static Front Page section.

Recently a user of WP-Forge and WP-Starter brought up a very good issue. You can read the particular thread here: Setting: Post or static on front page

So what I decided to do was add this default section back into the Customizer. It is now located at the very end of the sections. So you should now be able to set up the front page of your site using this area.

The other issue pertaining to the Navigation section was brought to my attention earlier this morning. You can read that particular thread here: Child Theme Setup

I have also added this default area back to the Customizer and included the other options previously available when v5.0.2 was released. One thing that bothers me about this section is that, the navigation areas are not in proper order. The secondary navigation area appears above the main navigation area. It seems to be a priority issue, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find a way to change the default priority of these two areas. No need to panic. They still work the way they are intended to. This is just an aesthetic issue that bothers me. If I find a way to change the priority of these two areas I will definitely push out and update.

So, the download of WP-Forge has been updated to include these two changes as has the download available from Github. If you are using WP-Forge as the main theme on your project or site, I suggest you backup any and all changes you have made before updating. If you use WP-Starter, there shouldn’t be any changes to your site, unless of course you modified the parent theme directly, then you would need to save a backup. In any case, making a backup before applying any new changes is highly recommended.

Please let me know if you run into any issues and keep those questions and feed back coming in. Enjoy!

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