WP-Forge and the Theme Review Process

I submitted WP-Forge to the Theme Review team back in December 2014, December 20th to be exact and about 10 days ago it was finally assigned a reviewer. However, up until now I have not heard anything.

Now some, I would assume, would be a little frustrated at this point because they haven’t heard anything. If I didn’t know what was going on I would probably be one of them. OK I would def be one of them.

However, after I submitted WP-Forge, I decided to actually join the theme review team and learn how to do the theme review process. The main reason I did this was to learn what constitutes a good theme and what doesn’t. The other reason I joined the team was for the simple fact that I want users of WP-Forge to know that the theme they are using is a solid, well built theme. I want my users to have that added layer of confidence and trust that I know what I am doing.

Believe me when I say, the review process is a long and tedious one. I was assigned a theme last week and I am now just getting to it or I will be later today. I know it must be frustrating to the author of the theme because nothing has been said or done and I know they want to get their theme hosted as quickly as possible. That’s the way I feel about WP-Forge, but now I have a little understanding of the process and why I haven’t heard anything back.

We will get there eventually. It may take us a while, but when we finally get there, I can promise you will have the best WordPress/Foundation theme available. Speaking of the best WordPress/Foundation theme available, I just recently uploaded an updated version of WP-Forge to the theme review team. I found a few bugs and decided to correct theme now instead of having them send it back to me with notes saying they needed to be corrected. I am running this version here on ThemeAwesome.com (I accidentally uploaded it yesterday…lol) as well as on the demo site.

If you would like to test drive this new version, you can do so by downloading it from the actual theme ticket. I will provide a download at the end of the post however I want to make it clear that the version you are downloading is not a production site version. It is a testing version and is completely different than the version on Github. So please, do not use it on a production site. If you do and something happens, well, too bad….lol I warned you.

I also know that Foundation released v5.5.1 the other day. The update is available via Github, but isn’t available on the main site. Last time this happened there were issues so I am not going to update to this version at this time. I will update to the v5.5.1 if it becomes available on the main site.

So there you have it, just quick little update on WP-Forge and the review process. Below is the link to the new upcoming version. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy 😉

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