WP-Forge updated to Foundation 5.2.3

On Wedenesday, May 28th, Zurb updated Foundation to v5.2.3. As most of you know I normally like to grab the newest update, apply it and push it out as quickly as possible. Well, this time, unfortunately I was kind of busy with a few things and I had to set it aside for a few days. I was a little worried though about not getting it out.

A few things changed in this version, here is a complete list taken directly from the CHANGELOG.php:

1.) Updated to latest version of Foundation 5.2.3
2.) Added ‘none’ to the options for Background Position in the theme customizer.
3.) Changed the default text of the menu fallback function
4.) Updated normalize.css to 3.0.1 http://necolas.github.io/normalize.css/
5.) Added ‘contain’ to the Background Size option in customizer.
6.) Added Font-Awesome back into the mix. The shortcode plugin I am working on will use this font as well.
7.) Combined all font css into one file.
8.) Social menu icons are now handled by Font-Awesome. Font-Awesome provides a larger array of social icons.
9.) Added Russion Translation – Thanks to Andriy https://github.com/helirexi

for those of you who have the Github updater installed, I hope it worked and the update went smoothly for you.

That pretty much covers all the changes so far. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me or start a thread in the forums. As always, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “WP-Forge updated to Foundation 5.2.3

  1. Hi Thomas.

    Found foundation 5 some weeks ago and after looking several themes based on it, stumbled on wp-forge that’s by far the most complete implementation of it.

    Actually I’m building my site with it and doing small changes and customizing it (Everything is WIP actually but everything is moving).

    Thanks (a lot) for the work done. Hats off!

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