WP-Forge Updated to Foundation for Sites Latest Version 6.3.1

I am happy to announce that WP-Forge has been updated to the latest version of Foundation for Sites 6.3.1

I know it has taken quite a while to push out the 6.3 update and I do apologize. The Foundation 6.3 came out just before the Christmas holiday and as we all know, that time of year is a little chaotic. I had also just switched jobs and found myself in a new situation that I was trying to adjust to.

For a while it seemed that I wasn’t doing anything with WP-Forge and again my apologies. However, rest assured, I am always working on the theme piece by piece a few minutes at a time when I have the chance. I’m also working on two new themes, one of which is called WP-Edify and the other is called BootStrapped (Looks exactly like WP-Forge but guess what it’s built with 😉 ). We’ll go over those later.

So on March 27th I pushed out the 6.3 update and of course, in my haste to get that update out, I added some version code to the new file theme-dashboard.php and wouldn’t you know it, I added it to the wrong place! This caused an error after updating the theme. So of course, I panicked, again and corrected the error and pushed out the update. Now some might think that all should be at peace in the universe now. Yeah, no!

There was still one little error that I wasn’t aware of until the issue was brought to my attention. You can read that here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/odd-off-canvas-behaviour-after-update/. So, again, I corrected the issue and pushed out the update and breathed a sigh of relief.

Now this morning, I wake up, check my email and get an email from Zurb stating that they have a new 6.3.1 release! This supposedly was released 4 days ago! So I took my time and made sure everything was copacetic and we are finally caught up with the update.

So, one of the cool things I like about the 6.3 series of updates, especially 6.3.0, is that I introduced an easier way for everyone to view information on the theme. It’s the Theme Dashboard! You can see it under the Appearance tab labeled WP-Forge Theme. There are three different sections to this dashboard. The first being the current theme info. The second tab being the CHANGELOG. This gives everyone an easier way to view the latest update changes. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to view the changes yet here they are for your viewing pleasure (the big 6.3 update):

* Updated to Foundation version 6.3.0
* Updated Font-Awesome to 4.7
* Removed ap.js - moved the actual call for foundation to theme-functions.js - now there is only one file.
* Added 'what-input.js' and 'foundation.js' to the 'wpforge_theme_functions' of functions.php - this makes the scripts load closer to the closing body tag as they were meant to be.
* Moved to one off-canvas file for the theme. There is no need to have two of the same files being called by two different fuinctions, when one file and one function will do.
* Moved Use Off-Canvas for Mobile? to Top-Bar Settings section.
* Added options for off-canvas that will appear when Use Off-Canvas for Mobile? is set to 'Yes' in Top-Bar Settings. These settings only affect mobile Off-Canvas (the off-canvas menu used in conjunction with the top-bar)
* Switched 'data-accordion' to 'data-drilldown' in off-canvas. 'data-accordion' still does not work as of and is slated to be possibly added to next major release, 6.4. See this thread https://github.com/zurb/foundation-sites/pull/9348 - For now 'data-drilldown' will remain in place until the 'data-accordion' is corrected and functions properly. Thanks to @cbirdsong for asking how this is done, which promted the switch: See https://wordpress.org/support/topic/parent-links-of-off-canvas-mobile-menu-not-working/
* Updated 'off-canvas' menu to the latest version. Unfortunately, only two Off-Canvas Directions are available: 'position-left' and 'position-right'. The other positions, 'position-top' and 'position-bottom', are slated for possible inclusion in the next update, keep in mind I make no guarantee that they will. The reason they were not added in this update is due to the fact that currently the menu does not look proper if top or bottom is used.
* Added the abilty for the user to set the Off-Canvas Transitions to 'push' or 'overlap'.
* Removed Foundation 'active' class from menus. Switched to'current-menu-item', which is already built into WP core. In my opinion this is a much better option and is easier to style. Thanks @OttoPotto for bringing up this request which gave me the idea to switch. See this thread https://github.com/tsquez/wp-forge/issues/50
* Removed the title-bar title link from top-bar and off-canvas menus. In my opinion, I feel this is redundant as normally users add a link to the home page in the menu.
* Switched to 'data-sticky-container' and 'data-sticky' in place of 'fixed' for the main menu when the Top-Bar is set to Top of Browser - Fixed.
* Moved 'Use Off-Canvas for Mobile?' section into the Top-Bar Settings section after moving towards one off-canvas file. Makes more sense this option should only be available if the top-bar is selected as the primary menu.
* Modified the js code in contain-to-grid.js, which was eventually moved it to theme-functions.js. See this thread https://github.com/tsquez/wp-forge/issues/51 Thanks to @HenkBarreveld.
* By modifying and moving the 'contain-to-grid' js this allowed for the removal of the 'wpforge_contain_to_grid' function from functions.php as well as removal of the actual 'contain-to-grid.js' file, as it was no longer needed.
* Corrected a few issues with all of the different navigation menus regarding colors. Specific issues were how the 'current-menu-item' appeared for the top-bar and off-canvas menus. Typically what would happen is, if the colors for the active or 'current-menu-item' were selected for the top-bar, those color choices were applied to 'off-canvas' as well. What if the user wanted different colors for the 'current-menu-item' in 'off-canvas'? So I added 'current-menu-item' color choices to Off-Canvas Colors section.
* Wrapped Recent Posts, Popular Categories, Monthly Archives and Popular Tags elements of 404.php in <ul>.
* Removed references to earlier versions of the theme from CHANGELOG.txt. These references referred to an earlier version of WP-Forge which was built using Foundation 5.
* Removed the old admin notice. Replaced with a new theme info page located under Appearance called 'WP-Forge Theme'.

The third and final tab is called Themes. This tab will provide information on additional themes that are or will be available.

A New WordPress Theme: WP-Edify

You will notice that I posted a link to a demo of a new theme I am working on called WP-Edify. I have been working on it for a while and hope to be finished here soon.

Now when you look at the demo you might think that it looks plain and not that interesting. The demo is not complete. WP-Edify is a “one page” WordPress theme, similar to this (only in functionality, not look): https://themeisle.com/demo/?theme=Zerif%20Lite. Yes, this particular theme is what inspired me to create WP-Edify.

Right now, the only thing I have left to do is build the front page template and add the corresponding options to the theme customizer.

One item to note is that there will be two versions of WP-Edify, one free and the other commercial.

Another New WordPress Theme: BootStrapped

As I mentioned above, I am also working on another theme that looks exactly like WP-Forge except the backend will be powered by Bootstrap.

Now why the two themes? Well let’s just say I have gotten a lot of emails asking for it and to be honest it piqued my curiosity to see how different it would be. So look for that shortly as well.

So there you have it my awesome community. I am still here, working on things. It took me a while to adjust a few things on these updates and I hope I got them worked out. If you notice something please do not hesitate to let me know so I can get it corrected. There are some cool things coming down the pike so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “WP-Forge Updated to Foundation for Sites Latest Version 6.3.1

  1. Bravo!!!!!
    And so cool you updated to the recent Zurb F. 6.3.1 bug-fix update!
    Looking forward to WP-Edify too!!!

    • Thank you very much. I’m trying to figure out if I should make WP-Edify a child theme or not, it may be easier to accomplish that way, however I’m concerned with the customizer…but we shall see what happens.

  2. Thank you for releasing 6.3.1. I had already started (a little) with and was facing some serious restyling of the off-canvas menu – which is now no longer necessary!

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