WP-Forge Updated To Foundation for Sites 6.4


Well it’s that time again. Zurb released the latest version of Foundation for Sites 6.4. One of the snazzy new things being offered in this release is what is known as the XY GRid. Read up on this new grid and you will agree it’s an amazing addition to an already awesome framework.

One of the best things to happen with this release is they got the accordion navigation working properly. Well, it was working before, except for the fact that you couldn’t click on parent links. With this release all of that is corrected and now parent links works. It’s a thing of beauty and works like a charm. If you like you can see it action here on the site. Just adjust your browser window down and click on one of the links that has sub links. Pretty awesome right? Yes, yes it is!

I took the liberty of adding a few additional things in this release as well as correcting a few issues. Here is the change log:

  • Updated to the latest version of Foundation for Sites v6.4.
  • Switched the “felx-video” to “Responsive Embed” – This makes sure embedded content, like videos, maintain their aspect ratio as the width of the screen changes.
  • Removed the margin from responsive embed (flex video), this was causing the bottom portion of embedded videos to be cut off.
  • Added selective refresh to the site-title and site-description.
  • Added the ability to show or hide the site title and the site description individually.
  • Site-title and site-description are now wrapped in a p tag when not on the front page.
  • Post titles are wrapped in a H2 tag, except when viewing the actual post, then the post title is wrapped in a H1 tag
  • Switched from custom header to custom logo introduced in 4.5
  • Added the new Accordion Menu to Off-Canvas and Top-Bar
  • Added Schema markup to posts and pages.
  • Moved Skip to Content link out of content-navigation.php to right after the opening body tag.
  • Corrected some issues with the customizer css. When some options were changed, those options were not reflecting in the in-line css or preview.
  • Added Russian translation files – Thanks to Spartak Klain, https://sajtprint.ru, for taking the time to do this.

Some of the things I added are some things that were added in a new theme I am working on. Yeah I know, I have said that many times before, however this time, trust me, in a few weeks you are going to be wowed! No it isn’t WP-Edify. That project is on the backburner for now. This is a brand new theme that was inspired by some work I did for a client a few weeks back that involved the Genensis theme as well as another theme.

All I am going to say about this new theme is that if you like WP-Forge, you’re definitely gonna love this one. And yes, it will use Foundation for Sites. Still have some work ahead of me before she is ready but she is getting there. I had to stop a moment and update WP-Forge. Now that that is over I can switch focus again and push on.

So there you have it, a new version of Foundation for Sites as well as WP-Forge. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop me a line. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “WP-Forge Updated To Foundation for Sites 6.4

    • There are many differences between the two.

      TotalPress has 6 page templates that can be assigned to any post and page.
      WP-Forge has only 1 page template and can only be assigned to pages.

      TotalPress has 10 sidebar areas, 5 are footer widget areas.
      WP-Forge has only 5 sidebar areas, 1 main sidebar and 4 footer widget areas.

      With TotalPress you can hide any of the 5 footer widgets for any post and page individually. For example you can hide the first and third footer widget on one post or page and hide all the footer widgets on another.
      WP-Forge all footer widgets are displayed on all posts and pages

      TotalPress has numerous hooks and filters that can be used to add or change content.
      WP-Forge does not have hooks or filters.

      TotalPress has more social icons available to the user. All you have to do is create a menu called social and add your links. Then you can add that menu to any sidebar using the Custom Menu widget.
      WP-Forge offers only one area for social icons.

      There will be more options available in the commercial version of TotalPress.
      All of the options available in WP-Forge are the only ones available.

      Hope this helps.

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