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A small update to WP-Forge was just updated to WordPress.org. Its nothing major really, just moving a few things around.

User Geertje König emailed me about the difficulty he had setting up the Off-Canvas menu. I guess I shouldn’t say difficulty, I should say a few useless steps. Basically the issue lies within the ability to have the Off-Canvas hamburger icon display to the left or to the right.

When a user selects Off-Canvas from the Menu selection portion of the customizer, the Off-Canvas Settings section appears. In this section the user had access to the Show hamburger icon left or right? setting. The user could select which side they wanted the icon to be displayed. It worked perfectly as it should.

Now if the user wanted to keep using the Top-Bar menu for the site and select to use the Off-Canvas menu for mobile view, the option to select which side the hamburger icon appears is not available. They would have to go back and select Off-Canvas from the Menu Selection setting in order for the Off-Canvas settings to appear, giving the user access to the hamburger icon setting. Then the user would have to switch back to the Top-Bar menu in order to use it as they initially set out to do.

As Geertje pointed out, this is an unnecessary step. Which is correct if you think about it. So I decided to move the hamburger icon setting into the Mobile View settings, so its always available.

While I was at it, I also added an admin notification pop up that was supposed to be added in but was left out by mistake.

So there you have it, nothing major really. I hope it all makes sense. As always, enjoy!

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