WP-Forge Updated to Foundation 5.3.0

On Thursday June 19, 2014 Zurb updated Foundation v5.3.0 or should we say Foundation for Sites (You can read the announcement from Zurb). So this morning I updated WP-Forge to this latest version. If you have the Github Updater plugin installed, you should see an update available in the Appearance>Themes or an update available via the update section of the Dashboard.

Not to many changes this time around. Here is a complete list from the CHANGLOG.php file:

  • Updated to latest version of Foundation v5.3.0
  • Added Spanish Spanish Translation – Thanks to Alfonso Correas
  • Minimized font css a little more

You can view the latest commit for WP-Forge here: commit a2983e6923006231c82b276cb26ef3107a84df04

You can also view the latest commit for Foundation here: commit 20f21cbf6fb2c2aad474f8b7bf87fa5cd78b4e42

Zurb has also added two new components to the awesomeness of Foundation:

  • Switches: “Switches are toggle element that switch between an Off and On state on tap or click. They make use of checkbox inputs (or radio buttons) and require no javascript.” See the documentation: Switches Doc
  • Icon Bar: “An Icon Bar provides a menu to quickly navigate an app. Use the Icon Bar horizontally or vertically, with the labels below the icons or to the right. Have it your way.” See the documentation: Icon Bar Docs

One thing that saddens me is the fact that Foundation is deprecating Orbit in lieu of an amazing project called Slick from Ken Wheeler.

So there you have it, nothing to major with WP-Forge but definately some major changes going on or coming down the pike over at Zurb. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to start a thread or email me. As always enjoy!

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