WP-Forge Updated to Foundation 5.3.1

On Thursday, July 17th, 2014 – Zurb updated Foundation to v5.3.1 – So as I always do, I took sometime yesterday morning and updated WP-Forge to this latest version. If you like you can see some of the changes from Zurb here.

You will see that the latest version of WP-Forge is at v5.3.1.1 – the reason for this is because I forgot to remove a line of code I was testing and the only way, (that I know how) was to remove the line in question and re-release. So that’s why we are at

If you have the Github Updater plugin installed, you should see an update available in the Appearance > Themes or an update available via the update section of the Dashboard. If not you will have to manually update.

Again, not that many changes. Here is a complete list from the CHANGES.md file:

  • Updated to the latest version of Foundation v5.3.1
  • Removed unnecessary declaration from lines 393 and 394 of style.css – Thanks Hash Varsani
  • Added new sitemap.php file – users can now create a sitemap page. You can see an example of the sitemap page by clicking on the site map link in the footer.
  • Users can control how many posts are displayed on the sitemap page in the theme customizer, under the “Posts” section
  • Updated wp-forge.po file, also removed es_ES.po file. The author of that language files stated there were issues and asked for it to be removed and he will replace.

5 thoughts on “WP-Forge Updated to Foundation 5.3.1

  1. Just thought I’d chime in and say thanks to the level of speed your updates are made available to us dev boys of your theme Thomas. Makes for speedy and always up to date Foundation spec themes.

    Thanks again mate.

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