WP-Forge Updated to Foundation 5.4

Yesterday I had the nagging suspicion that Foundation was due for a change. If you look at the releases of Foundation, they normally occur about every 10 to 20 days, which is a good thing.

So this morning I checked and sure enough there was a new release. I don’t know about you, but whenever there is new release from Zurb I get excited as hell. Like I always do, I grabbed me some coffee, sat down and updated away.

But that not what I am excited about. I am excited about a few changes that I made to WP-Forge itself. Over the past few weeks I have been adding a few things that I hope everyone will enjoy. I am only going to cover the newest changes here, but if you would like a more in depth listing of what was actually changes you can read the latest release details here.

New Top-Bar & Off-Canvas Section

All of the major changes that occurred were basically in the Theme Customizer. The first change you will notice is the renaming of the “Off-Canvas” section to “Top-Bar & Off-Canvas”. I moved the Top-Bar settings that were previously in the Navigation section into this section. I felt combining these two in one area would make it easier to manage these two aspects of Foundation. I also removed the “If Top of Browser, scroll or fixed?” selection area and merged these choices into the “Main Menu Position”. Again, I felt it wasn’t necessary to have two selection areas when you can accomplish the same thing with just one.

New Theme Width & Sidebar Position Settings

The next two changes are the ones that I am really excited about. The first of the two concerns the old “Posts” section. This was renamed “Theme Layout” and for good reason. I have been getting a lot of emails asking how to change the width of the theme. Initially I had set this up in the style sheet, but I thought that I could make it easier to do this without having to edit the style sheet. I thought about this for a very long time and finally came up the idea to add this ability to the Theme Customizer.

Theme Width

You will notice that there is a new setting area called “Theme Width” with a default setting of 64rem (this is equivalent to 1024px). I use the following site to calculate all rem measurements Rem Calculator. This is very simple tool to use. Seeing as how Foundation uses 16px as the main or parent font size, all you have to do is add the unit of pixels you want to convert into the “px sizes to convert” section and click the calculate button. So for example if you want to find the the rem conversion for 1024px (based on 16px parent font size) simply enter 1024 into the px sizes to convert section and click calculate. You will see you get a return of 1024px = 64rem. Now if you want to set the width of the theme to 100% all you have to do is enter 100% and click “Save and Publish”. Now the theme will be full width. Snazzy? Yep I think so ;).

When you update to v5.4 you will notice that your theme will display at 100% width. I believe this is caused by the fact that I removed the width from the style sheet. All you have to do is go back to the Theme Customizer > Theme Layout > Theme Width and just retype 64rem (or insert the theme width value you want) and click “Save and Publish”. Your theme will now be set to the desired width.

Sidebar Position

Another topic I have been getting emails about is how to get the sidebar to display on the left instead of the right. I know there are a lot of people who prefer to have the sidebar on the left and there are those who like it on the right, so I added the option for the end user to set their preference.

The default for the sidebar is set to the right, so if this is your preference as well you can leave the setting as is. But, if you prefer the sidebar to be on the left, simply select “Left” from the dropdown, wait a few seconds and the theme customizer will refresh and you will see the sidebar positioned to the left. Click “Save and Publish” and you are done.

New Copyright Position Setting

The final area that I have been getting questions about is the positioning of the Copyright text in the footer. Again I know there are users who prefer to display copyright text to the right, others who prefer it displayed to the left and some who want it centered.

Now there is a setting called “Copyright Position” which will allow users to set the copyright text to display either to the left, right or centered. Here is a brief overview of what each setting will do:

  • Text Right – Nav Left – (Default) Will display the copyright text to the right and the footer menu to the left if one is assigned.
  • Text & Nav Centered – Will display the copyright text centered in the footer. If a footer menu is assigned, this will display above the copyright text and be centered as well.
  • Text Left – Nav Right – Will display the copyright text to the left and the footer menu to the right if one is assigned.

When you make your selection in the theme customizer, wait a few seconds for the customizer to refresh and you will be able to see what each setting will look like. Once you are happy with your selection, click “Save and Publish” and you will be set.

So there you have it, a new version of WP-Forge with what I believe are some really great additions. If you run into any issues, please feel free to open a new issue on Github, start a new thread in the Support Forums or send me an email with all the details. I am also available to chat via Skype: venterprisesllc

Have anything you would like to see added to WP-Forge? If so let me know below. Who knows, it could make it into the next version. As always have fun and enjoy 😉

12 thoughts on “WP-Forge Updated to Foundation 5.4

  1. That is exciting – looking forward to sitting down and working through all this.

    Is there a straightforward way to restrict the content to 64rem while extending the navigation and footer background colours (header too, maybe?) to 100%?

    I’d assumed this was a constraint of the original Twenty-Eleven theme. I haven’t seen a Foundation WP theme which allows that while keeping up to date with new releases.

    Thanks for such a useful update..!

    • Hi Richard,

      Your welcome and I am glad your excited. Unfortunately not right now. I am sure though that with a little elbow grease you would be able to WP-Forge to do what you are asking.

      This is however an interesting idea and one that I will def look into. All of the other themes that I have ever created or worked with had what you are talking about because this was something that most clients asked for. I honestly never thought about putting here. Thank you for the suggestion.

      And WP-Forge is based off Twenty-Twelve, not Twenty-Eleven 😉

  2. Sounds very cool all!
    I don’t understand why you are using an external rem calculator as Foundation ships by default with that builtin already, unless of course I misunderstand you here.

    • Hi Piet,

      Well I am glad you think its all cool 😎 – I often use that link as I don’t want to sit there and do the math..lol Math has never been and never will be a favorite subject of mine unfortunately. So I thought if I am like that when it comes to math then I am pretty sure there are other people out there who feel the same way.

      Not only that but, even though Foundation may already ship with that, I believe it is only the sass version and will do the calculations for you or something along those lines? I am not quite sure. I don’t update from the master branch on Github, I go to the download page and get the latest version there.

  3. Hi Thomas,

    I’ve been doing my own projects with Foundation just because it’s so awesome and am starting a project with your piece. I love the width addition in the customizr..and all the other flexibility that you added! I think no one can deny that it’s Themeawesome!

    I don’t know if you have it but I would love to see, possibly, a 3 col layout in the customizr.. 2 asides and a main content area would be pretty cool. Sometimes a 3 col look works and is stronger. Maybe I missed that.

    Anyway, great work.

    Now I just have to do a little updating and I’m good!

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hey there amigo,

      How yah been? I hope all is well. Glad you like all the improvements. I think your suggestion rocks!!!

      I think a 3 column layout would be totally awesome!!! That, coupled with the idea that Richard had, I believe would take WP-Forge another step towards total awesomeness!!!

      So to you and Richard, you have my word I am going to make this happen…awwww yeah 😎

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