WP-Forge Updated to Foundation 5.2.2

On Friday, April 4th, Zurb updated Foundation was updated to v5.2.2. If you like you can view the specific updates that were applied by viewing this commit: https://github.com/zurb/foundation/commit/520ea11dfe818691dd70cdb5c5ed5907e5e64168.

I did update WP-Forge to Foundation 5.2.2 this morning and I also applied a few changes as well. You can view the CHANGELOG for a list of everything I did (hopefully I remembered them all), however I am going to cover one of them in detail below.

Background Section

One of the biggest changes I made was in the theme customizer, specifically the Background section. Back in March, Hash Varsani created a thread regarding the default background settings in the WP-Forge. You can view the thread here http://themeawesome.com/themeawe/forums/topic/default-background/

Apparently, the default settings were preventing Hash from using a plugin he had purchased and he wanted to know if there was a way around these defaults. This lead me to look into the actual background settings and make the determination that they were in fact not needed. So the default settings were removed. All of the settings can be entered when a user activates WP-Forge.

I also added “background-size” to the background section. This will allow anyone to use a background image for their site (for example an image with 1920 × 1200 as the dimensions) and the image will be automatically scaled to fit the browser. This means that regardless of the size of the browser, the image will always fill the screen.

Style Changes

I also removed the background color elements from style.css and foundation.css – The main reason I did this is so the end user can more easily have control over these specific items within the theme customizer. No need to have go looking in two different places to change this.

So there you have it, a newly updated version of WP-Forge. I have also updated WP-Starter to coincide with this newest update. Make sure you download the newest version and if you run into any problems or have concerns, please feel free to start a thread or shoot me an email. As always, Enjoy!

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