WP-Forge Updated to Version 6.2.4

Well it’s about damn time! Zurb finally pushed out a major release, granted it’s a bug release, but the last real update was back in June!

Oh well, at least we got an update right!

Anywho, yes I am still alive and I am still maintaining WP-Forge. I’ve gotten a few emails asking what is going on and I basically tell them I am waiting on Zurb. And wait I did…wow.

So basically I didn’t do too much with this release. Here is the CHANGELOG so you can see what is what:

= 6.2.4 =
* Updated Foundation to latest version, 6.2.4
* Corrected issue with 'active' class css in menu widget. The background was filled the active color.
* Added '!important' to line 4353 of customizer.php - this portion of the file deals whith the hover color of the active link in the sidebar menu widget. Before adding '!important', when hovering over an active link in the menu widget, the link would disappear.
* Added Pricing Table css from Foundation 5.
* Modified contain-to-grid.js - Thanks to @HenkBarreveld for the suggestion - see this thread: https://github.com/tsquez/wp-forge/issues/49
* Added css that affects the look and feel of the Orbit bullets. They appear smaller now. You can easily adjust the css to suit your needs. CSS is located on line 1013 of style.css
* Added flex-video class to videos shared from VideoPress.com.
* Corrected issue with the arrow not showing in select boxes.
* Added a "scroll to" function to 'theme-functions.js' this will allow you to add anchor points to content in your theme and associate links with those anchors. When the link is clicked, the theme will scroll to the anchor point.

So there you have it amigos. I hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “WP-Forge Updated to Version 6.2.4

  1. Wooooo hooo!
    Thanks so much Wizard Thomas !!

    Btw, last week i took over a web site that was half built using the popular Enfold theme and i kept having to kludge and css things to match the clients design, often to notice issues with small mobile .. i kept thinking man…. WP-Forge and Foundation would be so much simpler and a bettter way to achive the design!

  2. Fantastic to hear that you’re still alive and with that, maintaining WP-Forge. As always, thanks for all of your hard work.

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