WP-Forge Updated to v5.0.3

A few days ago Zurb released to new version of Foundation, v5.0.3 – This new release has corrected a few issues that were found in v5.0.2. As promised, WP-Forge was updated with this new version and is available for download.

One of the main issues that was corrected was the “contain-to-grid sticky” option for the top-bar. Apparently in v5.0.2 this was generating issues and of course it did not work.

I updated the Theme Customizer to reflect this new option. There are now three options for the positioning of the top-bar:

  • Normal Position – Navigation displays just below the header. This is default.
  • Top of Browser – Navigation will appear outside of the theme at the top of the browser. Can set a fixed position or have navigation scroll with the theme
  • Contain-To-Grid Sticky – Navigation will remain in default position until the user scrolls. Navigation will then take on a fixed position and move to the top of the browser.

You can see an example of the “contain-to-grid sticky” option here on the site. Simply scroll down and watch the main menu. I think that’s pretty snazzy.

While we are on the subject of navigation I have come across a great way to add the off canvas option to WP-Forge. It will take me a few days to implement and test though. I hope this turns out good as a lot of users have emailed me asking if this option was ever going to made available in the theme. If everything goes good, I will push out a change and of course let everyone know.

I also corrected an issue with the post thumbnails not appearing in a single post that was brought to my attention by Hash Varsani. You can view the thread here Featured Image Wont Display – It seems I put the call to the post thumbnail in the wrong place.

I am also looking into a way to add more fonts to the theme customizer. Again, users are requesting this more and more, so I think this is something that warrants my attention. I like the idea, but I also hate bloat and for me, adding additional fonts could add bloat. Hopefully this new method I was introduced to wont be heavy and give users another way to customize their projects. I can’t give an estimated time of when I will have this completed but as I said previously, once I do I will push out a change and let everyone know.

That’s all for now. Head on over and download the latest version. Remember, if you run into any issues, please feel free let me know and i will do my best to get it corrected. As always, enjoy!

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