WP-Forge Updated to v5.2.2.1

In this newest update I have added a few simple things. Nothing really major or earth shattering I assure you. Here is a list of changes taken directly from CHANGELOG.php:

  1. Changed the max-width of rows in foundation.css from 62.5rem to 100%. Changed the max-width of #wrapper in style.css to 64rem (this is equivilant to 1024px based on 16px font size). This change will make it easier for users to change the width of the theme to whatever they like, even to full width.
  2. Removed the background color from rows. This is not needed as the background color of the wrapper element is white.
  3. Added function that links all post thumbnails to the post permalink.
  4. Added html5 shim to header (seems prevalent in WordPress themes)
  5. Added function that wraps inserted images in posts/pages with figure and figcaption. (thanks Tommie Landstrom)
  6. Corrected word-wrap and overflow-x issue with <pre> element.
  7. Added data-options=”mobile_show_parent_link: true” to top-bar. This will now display the parent link in mobile view. See http://foundation.zurb.com/forum/posts/809-top-bar-parent-links for more details (again thanks Tommie Landstrom)
  8. Moved Modernizr to load after jQuery

Like I said nothing all that spectacular but I do think some of these changes will improve the overall usability of the theme. As always, if you run into any problems, please feel free to start a thread or email me. Enjoy!

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