WP-Forge Validates at 97 Percent

I got an email from WP-tavern the other day that talked about a new site called ThemeCheck.org – the gist of the email was

ThemeCheck.org is a new site that provides a free validation service for WordPress and Joomla themes. Visitors can upload themes and templates and the service will analyze the files and run tests to verify security and code quality. The site gives each theme a quality score along with a list of alerts and warnings.

So being the curious individual that I am I tested WP-Forge and was happy to see that WP-Forge got a score of 97% – Not bad for a WordPress/Foundation combination in my opinion. When I looked at the results I saw there were three warnings.

The first being:

1. Non-printable characters : Presence of non-printable characters in PHP files

According to this there are non printable characters in the comments.php file. I took a look at it and didn’t see anything there. I tried it again and got the same results. Perplexed I uploaded the Twenty Twelve theme and it came back as 100% valid. So for the life of me I cannot figure out what it means by non printable characters.

The other two warnings

2. Custom elements : Presence of custom header

No reference to custom header was found in the theme.

3. Custom elements : Presence of custom background

No reference to custom background was found in the theme.

These reference that fact that I moved both of these areas into the theme customizer. They are actually there, just not added in the usual way. I may change that with the next release of WP-Forge. The only draw back I see is that there will be an extra header and background area in the Appearance menu. No big deal really, but I hate having the same thing in two places.

I really would like for WP-Forge to validate at 100%. I am proud of the fact that I was able to build WP-Forge the way I did and that she performs the way she does and the response has been phenomenal.

So I am asking for a little help in regards to the first warning. I would like to correct the non printable character issue. So if any of you out there can provide a little help, that would be greatly appreciated.

Regarding the other two warning, well, let’s just say, If WordPress wants them in two areas, then they will be in two areas. I don’t see the point, but I do want to follow the standards set forth. This will ensure that WP-Forge is one of the best, free WordPress frameworks out there, providing a error free environment for all users.

So if you can help please do so. Again it would be greatly appreciated. As always enjoy ;)!

6 thoughts on “WP-Forge Validates at 97 Percent

  1. Thomas,

    I don’t know anything about programming, but, because I am grateful for what you have given us and I want to help, I will take a guess. In a recent version of the comments.php file, in the second to last line, between the open parenthesis and the word “array” in the line that reads ‘ ‘,)); ?>, I can see an invisible character which I believe represents a press of the tab key. If you get rid of that, maybe your code will pass the test.


    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you very much for trying to help. I looked at what you mentioned and removed any spaces from there. I really have no clue what this non printable character issue is. It was never there before and I never touch the comments.php file. Oh well I did find some info on how to use sublime text and notepad++ to find them.

      I just did a recheck of the theme and now she validates at 98% woo hoo…now all I have to do is take care of the custom-header and custom background issue and we will be at 100%!

      Thanks again, that suggestion was really helpful.

    • Thanks Bertram,

      It is an interesting service but i think they need to redo it a little. As I mentioned above I rechecked WP-Forge and she validates at 98%, but the results cannot be saved because a theme with that name has already been validated…lol.

    • Well, to me, WP-Forge is a thing of beauty and power due to her simplicity. Which is why, In that regard, as most males do when they hold something in high esteem, I refer to her as “she” 😉

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