WP-Starter Updated to 3.0 and WP-Forge Is Being Reviewed

Ok, let’s try this again. A few days ago I had updated WP-Starter with what I had hoped was a new and improved way of bringing in WP-Forge’s style sheet. It seems that the way I was doing it was completely wrong. Thanks to mokletsa, I was shown that I was completely wrong.

Everything should be working properly now. You will notice that I did change a few things in 3.0. It is all for the best, so WP-Starter works perfectly with WP-Forge.

Speaking of WP-Forge, I got notification today that she was assigned to a reviewer. Now I am excited but I am also nervous. The whole “is WP-Forge good enough” reared its ugly head again. I just keep reminding myself that I wanted her to be reviewed so everything that shouldn’t be in there can be taken out and if anything is done improperly, it will get fixed.

You will notice that the version I uploaded is – this is because while I was waiting for the theme to be reviewed, I made some changes and had to resubmit the theme. When this is done, a version update is needed. You cannot resubmit the same version.

So keep an eye on the theme ticket and I will keep you posted as to what the reviewer has to say and the changes they request I make. If possible, keep anything and everything crossed 😉

9 thoughts on “WP-Starter Updated to 3.0 and WP-Forge Is Being Reviewed

    • Why thank you. I know we will be fine and I’ll have to correct a few things. I think its the waiting that is the hardest…lol It only took 5 weeks for them to get to it.

    • You are very welcome amigo. Strangest thing though. I use wamp here locally and the priority of the the parent and child styles is different locally than it is remotely. The order locally is this parent-theme, child-theme, opensans, font, normalize, foundation, wpforge…lol and I have to add a priority of 12 in order for the dequeue to work and for the styles to appear the way they should. That is really upsetting…lol

    • It could be that I am using the version that I submitted to be reviewed, however upon further inspection, it seems I removed the priority from the function in WP-Forge that enqueues all the styles and scripts. I added 0 back as the priority and everything works now.

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I’ve started again working with WP-Forge.. it’s been a long time – probably like a year and a half ago. I must say you’ve come a long way (I’ll leave out the ‘baby’ part.. lol ). I don’t see how WP could not approve your theme for the repository.. they’d be insane as it offers so much customization! So, nice job! I’ll keep my fingers crossed but I don’t think I need to.

    Also, just curious, I currently work in Wamp too and have always had a hard time getting anything but the default permalinks to work.. any thoughts how? If I have to work with .htaccess could you suggest how?

    Thanks bud!

    • Thanks Michael, you always have great things to say and they are greatly appreciated 😉 – As I stated before, its not that I am scared it wont be approved, because it wont be. I think I need to maybe redo a few things and possibly remove a few things and I am hoping that they get pointed out. What I’m afraid of is that it will be a great deal and will take away from what she is now.

      My biggest fear is the customizer. I have painstakingly researched it and how to properly utilize it, but I think that maybe some things were done improperly. Whatever happens, I’ll make the necessary adjustments and if I have to change a few things I will but I will do my best to make sure she comes as close to what she is now.

      After WP-Forge is approved, I plan on submitting WP-Starter as well as I would like to have both of them there and available.

      In regards to your question about permalinks, I am not sure what you are wanting to do. When you say default permalinks do you mean something like ?p=123? If so I think that maybe you need to turn on rewrite_module in Apache.

      When you have wamp running click on the tray icon, look for Apache and mouse over it and in the fly out window hover over Apache Modules. You should this really big list of modules pop out. You will see an arrow towards the bottom of the list.

      Move your mouse over that and the list will scroll down. Scroll until you see rewrite_module and click on it. Wamp will restart automatically. When Wamp has started again, go into WordPress, Settings, Permalinks and select the post name and hit save changes. It should work.

      I hope that works. Please let me know how it goes.

  2. Thomas,


    That’s exactly what I wanted!!!!!!! That’s great!!

    Thanks so much!

    Take it easy and thanks for you kind words..

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