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With the release of WP-Forge v5.0.2 over the weekend, I asked the following question:

So I would like to know if I should continue with WP-Starter or put her out to pasture?

Now even though I may not have gotten many inquiries about the child theme and it may not have as many downloads as WP-Forge, she is still near and dear to my heart. So I have decided to keep her updated.

I took what Jip (the only commenter on the WP-Starter issue) had to say to heart. There were a lot of unnecessary files included. So I read the Codex section on Child themes, then I re-read the section, then I did some more research and confirmed that there are only 3 files required for a child theme:

  • style.css
  • functions.php (empty of course)
  • screenshot.png

I realized that I had inadvertently made WP-Starter unuseful right from the get go by including pretty much all of the files from WP-Forge. Yes I know, shame on me.

So this morning, while drinking the first cup of coffee of 2014, I updated WP-Starter and took everything out that wasn’t needed. Now there are only three files with the theme and they are the ones mentioned earlier (of course there is a readme.txt file and other files pertaining to Github) and nothing more.

So  I have decided that I will keep her updated and what I mean by updated is I will make sure that she will be compatible with any changes that are made to WP-Forge in the future. The version number will also coincide with the version number of WP-Forge.

So there you have it, WP-Starter will live on and be available for all to use and enjoy. If you use this newer version of WP-Starter to create a web site, I would love to see what you developed.

10 thoughts on “WP-Starter Updated

  1. I appreciate the update to Wp-Starter.. I think that’s what ‘threw me off’ initially was the inclusion of all those files so what I did was clear them out and start with all the necessary files anyway since I knew forge had all the files.. That’s how I learned WordPress was doing child themes off of 2010.. It seems now that it will be more direct and clearer to understand. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! What an awesome way for you to start out 2014…with a cup of coffee and an update…woo!

    A question – I’m a long-time web designer, but kind of new-ish to PHP…Is it difficult to make Theme Awesome have a full-width header/footer/content bg? I love how trim and clean Foundation’s code is, how committed you are to making Theme Awesome great, and I’d really love to use your theme with the full-width design is all the rage these days…I tried to do it on my own but got kind of confused, so I’m wondering if it’s a huge job or if I’m just out of my PHP depths…

    Thanks again!

    • Hi David,

      No it should’t be hard and it has nothing to do with PHP. It is all style.css 😉 – There are two areas you need to change, one is in the main style.css file. Look for the .wrapper (around line 274) you will see the max-width id set to 62.5rem. The second is in the foundation.css file. Look for .row (around line 111) and you will see the max-width is set to the same 62.5rem.

      I believe all you have to do is change these to 100% or remove them all together and then adjust everything else accordingly to get the full width effect you are looking for. I hope this helps and please let me know how it goes.

  3. I wouldn’t change code in the the style.css (of the parent theme) or foundation.css, as this is exactly why you use a child theme. If there’s an update of WP-Forge or Foundation, your edit will be lost.

    The proper way to do it is to open the style.css of the child theme (WP-Starter) and add:
    #wrapper { max-width: 100%; }

    This will work because the child style.css will be loaded after the parent’s style.css is loaded, and the browser will always use the css property that is loaded at last. In this way you have your own stylesheet with your changes, without altering the real theme files.

  4. Thomas, I like what you’re doing and have to say a thank you. Just what I’m looking for. Been researching for the last two days trying to find a WP+Foundations Framework I can work with. Think you’re it bud.

    I hope you will keep this updated for the long term as I’m about to implement this on a big web project.

    Looking forward to sharing any issue I encounter and the site I’ll be producing with it.

    Do keep up the good work you do for many people just like me out there….and don’t get rid of child theme support.

    Finally I can get this puppy off the ground.

    • Your very welcome Hash glad I could be of assistance with WP-Forge and WP-Starter. No need to worry, I plan to continue with child theme support. I look forward to collaborating with you and providing as much assistance as possible.

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