WP-Forge Updated to Foundation 5.5.2

On April 30th Zurb released a new version of Foundation, version 5.5.2, and its a huge one. This new version has over 383 commits to it. If you like, you can check out all of the Foundation 5.5.2 Commits.

With this new release of Foundation, I took the opportunity to update WP-Forge to this latest version as well as fix a few issues that were brought to my attention in the support forums..

I submitted the new version to the Theme Review Team yesterday and would’t you know it, in my haste I forgot to tighten up the css in the customizer. It looked like this:


.site-title a{color:;}

.site-title a:hover{color:;}


.nav_wrap,.contain-to-grid .top-bar{max-width:;background-color:;}

.top-bar,.top-bar-section ul li,.top-bar-section li:not(.has-form) a:not(.button),.top-bar-section ul li:hover:not(.has-form) > a,.top-bar-section .dropdown li:not(.has-form):not(.active) > a:not(.button),.contain-to-grid {background-color:;}

So I corrected it and submitted version this morning. I also took the liberty of making this update available on the WP-Forge Github repository. Here is the change log for the new version:

Theme Name: WP-Forge
File Name: Changelog
Tested up to: 4.2.1
Stable tag:

== Changelog ==

= =
* Updated to the latest version of Foundation 5.5.2
* Renamed the setting and control for sidebar colors. With the new WP 4.2 update this caused an issue with the way those mods were named. Mods renamed and issue is corrected.
* Corrected issue with the site title and site description. Any colors assigned being handled by both the customizer as well as the style sheet. Moved all control of these to the customizer.
* Removed the container colors from the cutomizer and to the style sheet. No need for these to be in the customizer when all can be controlled in one area. The background color of these containers were preventing any background image to show through. Now these background colors can be set individually in the style sheet.
* Corrected an issue with the top-bar when placed in Contain-To-Grid-Sticky. This was causing the main Home link to move to the right.
* Removed html5 support for gallery and caption. See the following as to why this was removed: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/html5-wp-gallery-5518
* Added the ability to upload a favicon.
* Adjusted the body class function in functions.php, line 703
* Updated .po file
* Corrected an issue with the the footer sidebar class being mislabeled in style.css. https://github.com/tsquez/wp-forge/issues/44

With the Theme Review Team’s decision to make it mandatory for all themes to use the customizer, as well as a few tutorials that I have been following, I have some really cool things planned for the customizer.

I especially hope to have an issue that was brought to my attention a while back but forgotten, then brought back to the forefront again by Kelter, implemented here shortly. This one is a little tricky but I think that I can make it happen. This new ability will give the end user the ability to set the breakpoint for the top-bar.

Also I wanted to point something out. When you look at the files of WP-Forge you will notice that they say

@since WP-Forge

. The reason for this is because user baringji asked if we could keep keep the @since versioning.

So with this new release I went back to and made all the changes and corrections. I now consider the official first release of WP-Forge. This is the version that was approved on WordPress.org. So now any new additions will have the @since WP-Forge #.#.# (latest version number) So for example, in this new release I added the ability to upload a favicon. So this new addition says @since WP-Forge 5.5.2. It doesn’t say because was just a minor correction I needed to make.

So there you have it folks, a new version of Foundation and WP-Forge. Let me know your thoughts, ideas or anything else. Remember if you use WP-Forge please leave a rating. As always, Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “WP-Forge Updated to Foundation 5.5.2

  1. Thanks Thomas, Is it save to update when using a custom child theme? Or is there some name changing in elements etc?

    • You are very welcome Stefan. The name changing I referred to above was in the customizer. I was using “sidebar_colors” and just changed it to “main_sidebar_colors”. Mostly all of the changes were in customizer.php, functions.php and style.css.

      None of the main files like index.php or header.php files were changed. So I believe you should be OK. However I do recommend that you maybe test before you update so as to avoid any hassles.

  2. How do we best test this and install it?
    (I’m making a backup first, of course… )

    Normally to test and update a theme… when I’m lazy and without a local version (but have a backup), I just ‘search themes..’ from wp.org in the Appearance area, then use preview to see if things were acceptable then go for it.

    As far as the update installation, I too use your wp-starter child theme… so how do we update the WP-Forge parent theme? (Maybe simply upload it and maybe delete the older wp-forge version?)


    • Hey Randall,

      I know its been a few weeks and I do sincerely apologize. Just been super, super busy at work and I now, finally have the time to take care of a few things. The issue we spoke about before is one of them. I sent you an email so when you get a chance please check it out.

      To answer your question, its best to just upload the new version of WP-Forge. As I mentioned in my comment above, none of the necessary files like the header, footer and so on are affected by the new version. The only files deal with the customizer, styles and functions.php.

      I would take a look at the files you have in your child theme and compare them to the new version on WP-Forge just to make sure everything is OK. Then proceed with the update.

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