WP-Starter will not be hosted on WordPress.org – For Now

WP-Starter Will not be on WordPress.org

Well I got some sad news yesterday and the news I received makes perfect sense. I am just sad that I didn’t think of it before submitting WP-Starter to WordPress.org.

WP-Starter was sent for final approval and the admin “karmatosed” rejected the theme for the following reason:

Hi, any theme (even child themes) should be different enough to the parent. In this case, your theme isn’t. As a result we are going to have to not approve your theme. If you would like to do changes we can then look at getting them reviewed.

Sucks, but I totally get it. WP-Starter, at least in my mind, is a “starting” point for the end user to create their own theme. However, she isn’t distinctly “different” from her mamma theme WP-Forge. Makes sense.

So do I pursue making WP-Starter distinctly different? At this point I am unsure. What do you think? If I do go the route of changing her does anyone have any ideas of how this can be accomplished? If so I’d love to hear them.

So for now she will remain on Github. Until next time, enjoy!

7 thoughts on “WP-Starter will not be hosted on WordPress.org – For Now

  1. Hi Thomas,
    I do not think you should try to submit WP-Starter to WordPress.org. You can communicate its existence on the official page of WP-Forge, by doing so you can also generate some traffic to your site as well 🙂 One more thing: lots of examples and tutorials of using it would be welcome if you have the time…
    Thanx for sharing your work!

    • You are correct, however I already have WP-Starter mentioned every where. Oh well it’s really no big deal. I just had no clue that she had to be different…lol

  2. Hiya – Hmm, that’s too bad. Perhaps…

    1) Strip out all 3rd party font calls, default sizes etc, grey down all the default Foundation blues, set the topbar to white with black text and make it more bare-bone. Maybe not as far as Blankslate (https://wordpress.org/themes/blankslate/) but more like Sassy Starter (https://wordpress.org/themes/sassy-starter/) I guess a less opinionated version of Foundation and more like a cleaner framework.

    2) Almost the exact opposite of 1 – Add pre-made templates like some of the ones here?
    This might lead to upgrading Starter to be similar to how ThemeFoundry sells an upgraded versions of the Make theme.

    • I’m like you: hmmmmmm – I mean it could work and I could totally make her look different if I stripped her down to the bare minimum.

      Again Kel you have given me something to think about…lol as usual (its a good thing) 😉

  3. Ahhh what the flip?! Why would they even waste time and attention to just have an end-result like that. I don’t believe you’ll be the last guy with that response but they certainly could have made it more clear. “Child Theme must be vastly different from parent theme” or something along those lines would help.

    I really like the idea of you starting a “WP-Forge” marketplace (I think I read something like a month or so ago) and I recommend using the WP-Starter as a foundation to build ontop of your official WP repo theme. Of course you already knew this…change her multiple times and build a market.

  4. What if the WP starter theme was completely stripped of any design whatsoever (the default Zurb look completely removed) — all margin and padding set to 0? The framework would still be there, but set to a state where the user would have to start from scratch — I would personally welcome this as a designer.

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