Do a search for psd to WordPress and you will find there are many contractors to choose from. Most state they will take your design and turn it into a fully functional WordPress theme. They use terms such as ISO certified, accreditation, project managers and global demand. Some even boast having teams of “hundreds” of skilled developers at their disposal.

Most of these companies charge very little for their service. Sure, you can spend a small amount of money to turn your existing design into a WordPress theme, but in my years of experience I’ve learned you get what you pay for. An inexpensive psd to WordPress conversion usually produces a subpar theme that is poorly coded. Eventually you will probably have to fix. Using a poorly coded psd to WordPress theme can hurt your search engine rankings and drive away potential customers. Trust me, I’ve seen it literally a hundred times!

What my PSD to WordPress service has to offer

I use have been performing psd to WordPress conversions for years and have done hundreds of projects. I always use a WordPress theme of my own creation. That WordPress theme is called WP-Forge. This is the theme I use for all of my psd to WordPress conversions. WP-Forge is not only built with WordPress, it’s also built with Zurb’s Foundation, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Foundation comes packed with many addons. By combining WordPress and Foundation, all of my psd to WordPress projects have everything Foundation has to offer included at no additional charge:

Top-Bar Menu Off-Canvas Menu Orbit Slider Clearing Lightbox Flex Video Reveal Modal Accordion

  • Tabs

And there is a whole lot more. Find out about the power of Foundation and all the cool features it has to offer by checking out the Foundation Docs.

WP-Forge is also GPL, free to the masses and is available for download from the WordPress theme directory. You may also note that WP-Forge has been downloaded over twenty thousand times and has nothing but 5 star ratings and reviews from its users.

All of the code in WP-Forge, including style sheets, is commented so you’ll know exactly where you need to go if and when you have to edit. And, unlike other psd to WordPress services, your theme wont be filled with things it doesn’t need. I guarantee that with my psd to WordPress service your theme will look exactly like the design you provide.

The PSD to WordPress process is Simple!

My psd to WordPress conversion process is super easy:

  • 1. Get Started… Start off by requesting a quote. Upon approval simply send me your PSD files. If you have an existing site you want converted, just send me the link…
  • 2. Sit back and relax… After I receive your files I start the process of turning your design into a fully functional, fully responsive, standards compliant WordPress theme…
  • 3. Preview your theme… As soon as I’m done I upload to my demo server, where you can see your theme live! This is your chance to request corrections or adjustments before packaging…
  • 4. Project is complete… As soon as any corrections are been made, I send you the invoice. Pay the invoice and I send you a download link where you can obtain your theme!

Get your PSD to WordPress project started today!

My years of experience as a independent WordPress contractor will save you a lot of time and money. Give me your design and I will create your theme with all of the features it needs. I guarantee your site will be super easy to set up and maintain. I also guarantee your theme will be responsive which will make it look good on any device! So why wait, request a psd to WordPress quote today!